Manika Releases A New Music Video That’s By Her Fans, For Her Fans

In order to make the music video for her new single, “How Can I Love,” Manika got her fans involved.

“I messaged 1,000 random fans to submit videos. And you see several of them featured in the music video who made the edit. In my ‘How Can I Love’ music video, I am trying to motivate my fans who have insecurities or depression by letting them know that they are not alone,” she said. “This music video is very very different from any other music video concept you’ve ever seen.  I hope to encourage people to feel better about themselves, because every individual is beautiful and deserves love—from not only from others, but from yourself.”

Every Las Vegas native has a crazy story, Manika says, and she’s no exception. At 15, the singer/songwriter/musician/producer wrote a book in order to donate the proceeds to the ASPCA. At 17, she was discovered by Michael Jackson’s longtime manager Frank DiLeo, and soon began touring with One Direction. Since then, she’s produced four Billboard charting singles, and “How Can I Love” is climbing the charts up to number 7 right now.

She’ll also be hosting “Global Beauty Masters,” a new show on TLC and Discovery Life soon, that she tells us will be, “an international hair, nail, wardrobe and makeup competition in which students from beauty schools across the world compete for one winner to be crowned.” Sounds like our favorite kind of show.

Check out Manika’s new video below, and stay up to date with her wild life on Instagram and Twitter.


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