Why Getting Rich on My Own Made Me Like Younger Guys

Tasha Reign is a porn star — a sex worker who wears her title proudly. In her weekly Galore column, she explores the finer points of being a millennial in the adult industry. This week: how financial independence changed her taste in men.

I officially exclusively date younger guys, point blank.

Why? Good question, let’s start from the beginning.

When I was younger, I frequently, if not mostly, dated older gentlemen. It just made sense. They were more established, more mature, more able to accommodate the lifestyle I was into, and furthermore it was what I was attracted to at the time.

I got a lot of shit for it, and I still do. I am positive that those guys continue to date young twenty-something-year-old girls and that they are considered “bosses” because of it. I don’t need to elaborate about the double standard, you already know that one.

Now to get psychological about it: my dad passed away when I was 20 years old. Sure, maybe that’s a contributor to my past preference for older dudes. I also live in Los Angeles County and am involved in entertainment, so there’s that too. We may never get to the bottom of why I WAS dating men over twice my age, and I am okay with that.

Fast forward to 2016, I am 27 years old and still living in Los Angeles, Ca. I make a substantial income and I don’t need to worry about whether a man can provide for me or not, I am set for life (that’s another article). This alleviates a lot of stress so I can now focus on the “love” aspect of dating and not the details of economics.

This plays a huge factor into why I believe many women date specific men, whether they are aware of it or not, including my past self. Recently, I have dated, had sex with, and been into young lads between the ages of 20-23. My girlfriends think it’s funny, some don’t understand and others are totally on board, go figure. I wanted to share with some of the major upsides of my current life choice and why it may be the exact right move for you.

1. Stamina

Let’s be honest, after a guy hits 26 years old, their performance in the bedroom seems to dissipate. They are lazier, and less excitable, and they can only go once. I’m generalizing but you know it’s true right?

I for one like to have sex in succession and I feel like the older a man gets the less willing and able he is to do that. WTF.

2. Durability

Younger guys are more flexible, their bodies are literally limber and bendable and they can fuck you in every which way and in all the strange positions you so desire. Their backs don’t hurt and they can go for hours. What’s not to love?

3. Spontaneity

This is the key ingredient to a healthy relationship. I’ve watched enough Ted Talks to understand this truth. Humans need activities switched up, even the most boring ones.

Younger men are more spontaneous in every way, they want to run in the ocean at midnight, take a road trip to Vegas out of nowhere, get road head regularly, these are the little things that put a cherry on my Sunday.

4. Influence

As manipulative as it sounds (hope to God none of them are reading this) for the same reason older men date younger women, when women date younger men, our level of influence and power over them is greater. Their minds are more blank and you can mold them into what you want them to be (evil/maniacal laugh).

5. Hotness

This one is a no brainer, they are hotter. The physically look better. I don’t even need to explain this to you. Everything is tighter and fitter.

6. Enthusiasm

In my recent memories with these suitors, one main commonality sticks out, the enthusiasm level is out of this world. During foreplay and sex, they need you like they need air, my sexcapades have proven that. I have a recent vision of a 22-year-old guy coming over to my place and literally devouring me, it was the hottest.

7. Up and Up

Because they haven’t been rejected a million times in life, they are just more positive beings.  Call them naive but there is something so refreshing about that type of energy.

8. More Open

With a newer generation, comes more openness, more looseness and overall a sense of creativity.  They are eager and willing to experiment and engage in rebellious activities.

9. You are in Charge

Therefore I feel more powerful, I call the shots and “wear the pants” which is pretty epic if I do say so myself, when and where and how we are going to do what we are going to do.

After reading these observations are you convinced?  I most certainly am.  I realize I didn’t write a negative list for them, but who needs that?!  Not me. I forgot to mention that I recently moved to a bachelorette house in the LA Hills, I very seriously plan on turning it into my very own version of the Playboy Mansion. I promise to write another article with photos and details about exactly what I mean by that, but I am sure you get the hint.  The tables have turned and I am INTO it. Tweet me @tashareign to let me know your opinions!


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