How To Make Your Nail Polish Brighter

Neon nail polishes are the hot shades of summer, but there’s a way to make the corals, cobalts and fuchsias you’re into even brighter.

At the end August, Essie’s new neon collection is launching, which consists of all Day-Glo shades and a magical white base coat that promises to make whatever color you paint over it super bright.

White brightens, and actually, any nail pro knows that. But Essie’s Prime & Pop is a primer and base coat in one. In fact, it’s got a pearly sheen that can live as a polish all on it’s own. So the next time you’re feeling drab, reach for this primer-and-polish duo. Your polish will be brighter, and hopefully so will your mood!

Essie Prime & Pop Nail Lacquer, $9, available later this month at Essie.

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