LVRN’s Justice Baiden Says Who Said a Guy Can’t Wear Girls Pants?

Between checking things off of his to-do list and running a label, Justice Baiden, co-founder of LoveRenaissance (LVRN) always looks fly while he does it. Style comes natural to this Atlanta native as he tells us what layering textures mean to him and goes in on his vision of how to pair each article of clothing, starting with dope pantalones. (Makes complete sense on why his IG name is @JusticeWearsCoolPants)

Bonus, he spills on his flawless skin care routine. Press play to find out more.

Photos by Elena De Santiago – Video by Elena De Santiago – Interview by Emily Hillgren

I feel like if you see what I’m wearing you know exactly how I’m thinking.

Justice Baiden

I’ve never been obsessed with brands as I am with people.

The vision is cool and the dream is cool but put a process to it.

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