Lany’s New Song Is Like A Soundcloud-Era Update Of ‘The OC’ Soundtrack

Lany, the three-piece band behind “Where The Hell Are All My Friends,” has just released “yea babe no way,” a song that sounds like just the right amount of nostalgia for all of us existing in the new Soundcloud generation.

Why? Remember your favorite songs on The OC Soundtrack? They were usually feel-good tracks produced in an era where there were so many alternative rock songs coming out, that it was hard to know which you liked — and which were okay to admit to liking. Lany’s “yea, babe, no way,” is confident in its feel-goodness without being self-conscious about it. Perfect for a moment in time where instead of skimming titles and reputations of alt-rock acts, we get caught in an abyss of Soundcloud songs where everything sounds pretty much exactly the same anyway.

Listen to the track below on their Soundcloud below, and follow Lany on Instagram and Twitter.

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