If you can’t get Kylie’s Weather Collection, buy this from Lime Crime instead

On February 28th Kylie Cosmetics is dropping “The Weather Collection,” which features a highlighter palette, lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette and metallic liquid shadows.

What some of you probably don’t know is that Lime Crime already has a liquid topper that looks very similar and it’s already on their site.

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Kylie’s “Glitter Eye Duos” come in two sets (Superstar + Twinkle Twinkle, Destiny + Violet Moon), while Lime Crime’s Diamond Dew comes in 10 colors. In typical Kylie Cosmetics fashion, the price of the items in this latest release haven’t been reported anywhere yet, but you can purchase Lime Crime’s right now for $20 each, or the entire dew bundle on sale for $160, normally $200.

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With Lime Crime setting the tone with liquid toppers which can be used on your eyeshadow and lips, the color variety allows you to be more creative in your makeup artistry and already has three out of the four colors Kylie plans on dropping soon. Once Kylie’s products drop expect to see many comparison videos of the two products along with rushing to cop Kylie’s products before they instantly sell out.

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