People are saying Kim’s new palette ripped off Kylie Cosmetics

For the most part, Kim’s new palette has been receiving good feedback. But, some fans realized that Kim’s palette looked pretty similar to one they have seen before. 

Last January, Kylie launched The Royal Peach Palette, which features 12 shadows ranging in orange/nude vibes along with outspoken shades like royal blue and metallic green/gold.

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So, let’s compare the two. Both palettes are $45, but Kylie Cosmetics’ gives you two more shades than Kim’s. Both palettes feature peach, red, brown, and that infamous royal blue.

Neither Kim nor Kylie have addressed these rumors, and we’re sure they never will. We all know they have more things to worry about. But seeing that Kylie dropped her palette over a year before Kim did, at least that lets us give Kimmy the side eye for copying off her little sis’ ideas.

What do you think?

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