Good American just started making it’s own new in-between size

The landscape of the fashion industry has no doubt always leaned in favor of our straight-sized sisters, but 2018 reports show that there are more women today who wear a size 14 or larger than ever before. 

Curious, no?

This means that the majority of us out here are considered “plus” size, even when realistically that’s not the case. Women’s clothing just favors smaller, straight sized women, and most of it runs really small on top of that. That also means that likely, for most of us, finding clothes that fit is a constant struggle.

As a curvy girl myself, I’ve forever struggled with being on the cusp of straight sizes and plus sizes.

I bounce back and forth between buying a top in a large at a straight-size store, searching every nook and cranny on this planet to try and find cute jeans that actually fit my hips, and finding that the clothes in a plus-size retailer are also too big.

So, where can I shop?

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With the amount of money I’ve spent on pant alterations in the past five to ten years, I probably could have bought a house.

Oh and don’t even get me started on the amount of jeans I’ve returned, because it’s just sad.

Last year, I started seeing ads for Khloe Kardashian’s brand, Good American. I fully admit – I’m not an avid Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s watcher, but I have always appreciated that these sisters have always supported girls with curves.

After measuring myself and checking the size charts, I bought my first pair: a skinny black pair, from the “Good Waist” collection, in a size 16. When they arrived, I was totally bummed because they fit my hips, but the waist was wayyyyy too big.

I managed to have my denim doctor (Shout out to Rob at Schafer’s Garment Hotel in Los Angeles!) fix the waist on these, but I was still saddened that they weren’t the perfect fit. And, after seeing how bomb Khloe looked in her Good American jeans and bodysuits, I was even more bummed thinking about how I have never found a pair of well-fitted jeans.

Months later, I decided to try a pair in a 14: a dark blue skinny pair, from the “Good Legs” collection. Now, these looked really good with a pair of heels, but if I had to sit down, I would get that dreaded muffin top bulging over the waistband and uncomfortable marks on my skin.

Super not cute.

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They became what I referred to as my “skinny jeans:” basically, I was only able to wear them to events where I would be standing up and likely not eating anything. I accepted the fact that this was going to be my reality. I could either starve myself down a few inches to comfortably fit the 14, or plan to spend additional money on alterations for the slightly larger size.

Unfortunately, this was the same across all brands — I had tried a 16 from Levi’s, and had the same issue. At plus-size retailer, Torrid, I would sometimes be an 18 and then I’d be a 12 (depending on what style of pants). The sizing for girls with hips my size is all over the place. No two retailers or even two styles within the same brand were consistent.

Let’s just say I was left confused and sad, as we all are when a shopping day goes bad. It’s just really shitty.

But, a few months ago, Good American realized that they were receiving 50% more returns between sizes 14 and 16, compared to any other size in their 00-24 size range. And since the brand believes that women are not defined by size, they set out to solve the issue of the totally random sizing standards for these sizes.

After months of research, focus groups, and feedback — one of which I’m pretty sure was a survey that I filled out via email — the brand invented the new denim size of size 15, which aims to bridge the gap by offering an additional size option for those customers that sit on the cusp of straight sizing and plus sizing. Basically, they have answered our damn prayers!

So, of course, you know what I did next. I set off the try the size 15! Size 15 debuted as a part of the new Good Curve collection (Good Curve Straight and Good Curve Flare, $159-169) as well as additional fan-favorite styles. I tried the Good Curve in Blue189 — which have a great vintage Levi’s type feel (which, by the way, has been a great struggle to find in bigger sizes).

Let me tell you, sis…

They are a perfect fit!

No alterations and no fat bulging on this pair!

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More than anything, this new sizing addition has made me realize that a) I’m not the only one who is “in-between” plus and straight sizes, b) so clearly I’m not the only one having these issues, c) I’m not fat, I’m actually average sized and d) there are brands who actually care about making their customers happy and aren’t afraid to change the fashion industry standards in doing so.

Oh, and also, d) I can finally wear a well-fitted pair of jeans and feel like Khloe.


Photos courtesy of Good American

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