[Premiere]: K Rizz is the Baddest Cowgirl on the Block

K Rizz is one of New York’s best-kept secrets. The singer-songwriter has rocked audiences at some of the city’s most desirable parties, never failing to serve her personal brand of sexy cowgirl meets Filipina glamazon, all while belting out tunes about girl power and the like. Her bold fashion choices and fervently charismatic personality have built a loyal following for K Rizz, whose new track “Dead or Alive” is premiering today on Galore. About the song, which she produced under the name “SLAYRIZZ,” the artist says, “This is an ode to being the baddest cowgirl on the block. It pays homage to all the pop stars are who are still, to this day, wanted—dead or alive.”

Listen to the premiere below.

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