Jonathan Marc Stein Debuts A/W Leather Collection Showcasing Creativity and Craftsmanship

Leather has been, and always will be, the moment – but no one does it quite like Jonathan Marc Stein.
The designer’s unique twist on the iconic leather trench coat sets him apart in a saturated market, and
is a humble nod to his craftsmanship, artistry, and sheer creative genius.
Aan influential fashion designer with a fresh and inspirational style, the Ohio native holds a vision of
chic and elegantglamor that stems from real-time, worldly events, modern architecture and
storytelling, brought to life through meticulous designs. His fashion brand creates garments for both
men and women that range from couture pieces to unique creations for the everyday.
Jonathan’s approach to design is influenced by his past degree in mechanical engineering along with
his family history of seamstresses, tailors, and luxury department store designers. Jonathan Marc
Stein is to be known as an innovative, forward-looking brand that conveys bold and exciting,
multifaceted clothes that mirror the lively qualities of the people they are made for.
Read below as Galore peels back the curtains behind Jonathan’s DAN/IEL Coat collection,
which he so eloquently launched via a runway show in Los Angeles, attended by stars
including Selling Sunset’s Chelsea Lazkani.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Jonathan. What drew you to fashion and design?

Hi! I am Jonathan Marc Stein. I’m currently 28 years old and have been designing clothes
since 2014. Most do not know this, but I got my BA in Mechanical Engineering while
attending college. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I actually discovered my love for
fashion. I had always been interested in the arts such as: painting, drawing, architecture, and
more. When I was waiting for a class lecture to begin, I came across a runway video for a
1990-something Alexander McQueen runway show. It really sparked my interest and before
I knew it, I was teaching myself how to sew in my off time. Before I knew it, I was jetting
across the globe showcasing my designs and gracing red carpets via my multitude of
celebrity clients.

You recently held a launch party to celebrate the ‘DAN/IEL Coat’ and your upcoming
AW23 collection. Why did you decide to dedicate the newly launched 2-1 Italian
leather trench to your late father?

I do not talk about it too often, but my father was recently murdered while working in Ohio. I
was in between collections at the time and really had no idea how to move forward with my
career in fashion design. Both of my parents were my managers of my namesake brand and traveled the world with me to every runway show I participated in. He was always there for
me and I knew that I had to do something to honor him. Though he did not know much about
fashion he tried to do his best to educate himself and join in my love for the art. We shared a
love for all things leather so it was a must that whatever I created was made in the beautiful
medium. I sketched out so many variations of a leather jacket and eventually settled on ‘The
DAN/IEL’ jacket that came to be. It is my way of honoring him with something that will live on
forever just like my memory of him will.

The event featured an installation of a mock studio, showcasing the behind-scenes of
designing the trench. How do you leverage your engineering background to craft
complex garments?

Contrary to what many people think, engineering and fashion design overlap on so many
aspects. Garment construction requires both complex math in ensuring proper fit, as well as,
designing a structure that is self-supporting. These two facets are essential in both avenues
for successful projects. To help illustrate the design process for my guests to understand, I
believed that putting in this mock studio would not only provide a cool space as a
background exhibit to the show, but also encourage them to see all the elements and hard
work that went into the creation of ‘The DAN/IEL’ and the Autumn/Winter 2023 Collection.

What was the highlight of your launch event?

I was so honored to work with everyone who made the show what it came to be! That is why
it is so hard to choose what was the highlight of the launch event. It was above and beyond
what I envisioned it when we began the planning process. Not only was the guestlist high
profile filled with celebrities and press, but the brightness in their faces when the jacket and
collection were unveiled made the whole process worth it! The models looked amazing and
felt so confident in the pieces which really showed on the runway when they walked out.
When those who see my work are in awe or light up when they first lay eyes on a garment,
that is all I need to feel confident with my designs and know that I am moving in the right

When can we expect another glamorous Jonathan Marc Stein event?

As soon as the last event was finished, I began to start the process of new work! Now that I
have gotten back into the swing of things after my father was taken from us, I hope to go full
throttle towards my career goals. With the support of everyone who has attended a show or
event, I definitely aspire to have another runway show quite soon in time for the next fashion
season! Stay tuned!

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