I’ve Been Smearing Diamonds on My Face & It’s Lit

If your at-home spa day doesn’t involve smearing your face in diamonds then you’re not living. For the last month I’ve been using Natura Bisse’s Diamond Line and let me tell you, smearing crushed diamond dust into your skin is as amazing as it sounds.

I’ve been using products from the line on the daily and it makes me feel like those Instagram selfies of Mariah Carey wearing 20 million dollars worth of diamonds while taking a bubble bath.

The products are infused with diamonds, mainly diamond dust, which is meant to gently exfoliate the skin and be helpful with microcirculation. I’m not entirely sure what “microcirculation” is supposed to mean but hey I looked more alive! I did notice some reduction in dark spots and hyper pigmentation around my face. I also felt like my skin was definitely more hydrated and glowing but that honestly could have been a placebo effect of knowing I was smearing hundreds of dollars worth of diamond products into my face.

So basically if you’ve got a couple of hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket then this is the line for you. Products in Natura Bisse’s Diamond line range from a reasonable $59 to a are-they-fucking-kidding $590.

This skincare line is also the only time I’ll be able to say “I’m wearing diamonds” in the foreseeable future so there’s that.

The Diamond Extreme Oil

This may sound counterintuitive but a good face oil does its job without actually feeling oily. I’ve been using this oil at night with the silver facial massager that it comes with and the only thing better than smearing diamond oil on your face is massaging it in with a cold silver wand. The oil seeps into your skin almost instantly which means you get to skip that whole gotta-wait-for-this-oil-to-dry-before-I-put-my-face-on-the-pillow conundrum.

The Diamond Extreme Mask

The first night I used the mask, I almost didn’t. I wanted to pass out watching TV and a mask would have required me getting up to wash it off. I was reading the instructions and realized that it was a overnight/sleep in mask which is literally the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I smeared it on my face and fell asleep watching the Office reruns, woke up the next morning with an extremely hydrated and diamond-y face.

The Diamond Mist

I don’t usually like face mists because literally what’s the point? I don’t really want to wet the face I just spent 20 minutes perfecting. This diamond face mist however, is more like a setting spray. It kept the tens of layer of makeup on my face in place and it had that little tingle that feels like your skin is waking up.

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