Inside Galore x Buffalo’s LFW Party Hosted by Charli XCX

Galore x Buffalo Jeans hosted a soirée in the Punch Room at the London EDITION hotel last night to announce the UK launch of Kitten, our agency and studio for models and creators.

The London Fashion Week party was hosted by super babe Charli XCX, with music from Chelsea Leyland and Bip Ling. Tia Maria provided spirits.

Atlanta De Cadenet Taylor, Kehlani, Tallia Storm, Louby McLoughlin, Hannah Diamond, Eleanor Calder, Vas J Morgan, Max Hurd, and Jake Hall were all in attendance.

Keep scrolling for pics from inside the event.

DJ Chelsea Leyland

Eleanor Calder

Louby McLoughlin, Bip Ling, Charli XCX, and Hannah Diamond

Tallia Storm


Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor

Bip Ling and Charli XCX

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