Yazz The Greatest Tells Us What It Really Takes To Land A Role On ‘Empire’

Drama unfolded during last night’s season finale of “Empire,” the cult TV show that follows an industry family’s ups and downs with soap-opera-like drama throughout.

And Bryshere Grey — a.k.a. Yazz the Greatest — who plays Hakeem Lyon, the heir to Lucious’ music industry throne on “Empire,” was no exception to the bountiful surprises.

We don’t want to spoil the season finale for you, but since we know you’ll be left feeling just as anxious about the ending as we do, Galore caught up with Yazz to talk a bit about his experience while filming the TV show. Here’s a little something to tide you over until next season.

Do you watch the show?

No, I don’t watch it. If I’m watching, I don’t wanna be insecure about filming the next day. Like, oh I gotta top that… I may watch it when it’s over.

Do you think that’s common with actors?

I don’t know, but I learned from Will Smith and Tyrese and Harry Belafonte, and the main advice is to be truthful with the character, make that character you, and be as truthful as you can and it’ll show on the screen.

Have you had any training?

No, I was just thrown into it. The director said no, I don’t want him having acting coaches, I just want him to be. I was just thrown into it and I was like, I wanna start adding different things to what I’m doing so I acting-coach on myself to critique and get better.

What do you do to get better?

A lot of yoga, a lot of mental therapy, you have to really own the character and get into the feeling. It’s hard to explain but it’s mental health.

So not a lot of partying?

No, you can’t party and then go to set. You can’t do that.  I live for performances, I can do that in my sleep, that’s not hard. I’ve been doing that since I was eight years old performing in the living room. So when it’s time to perform it’s like happy hour for me. I’m ready to go turn up.

Photos by Prince + Jacob

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