How to Get Into Surfing

Kylie Griffiths is British it girl goals. She’s a branding kween and creative director who’s also made it her mission to get as many London babes as possible onto surfboards. Here, she takes us through her latest London Girls Surf Club (LGSC) venture, plus shares the beachy eye candy any surf trip provides!

Surfing and the city are not a natural mix. Growing up in London surrounded by concrete, the thought of surfing never crossed my mind.

I was a late bloomer to surfing only getting into it well into my twenties due to an impromptu surf lesson down in Newquay one summer, and I’ve never looked back. After the initial fear of “OH GOD I’M GOING TO DIE,” I soon realised I was I hooked. I was dragging my board down to the beach at 7 a.m., raring to go. Surfing had me hooked, I was googling best surf spots, I was buying board boots, I was researching the best wax, and I was no longer scared of the ocean!

There is something incredibly tranquil about the ocean, I’ve always been quite manic, I think that’s the curse of a city girl, always on the go, on the phone, or running around, and when you are surfing you can’t be. You are truly in the moment and you have to focus on just those few minutes (or you will almost certainly fall off).

So, London Girls Surf Club was born. I wanted to share my love for the sea with my fellow land locked ladies, and the response was ace. We jumped in a mini bus down to Croyde and hit the road. If you want to join in the fun on your own, here are some handy tips.

Always find a girl pal to help you carry your board, those things are heavy, especially a foamy!

Just keep smiling! It’s like everything, some days you’ll have bad days and somedays you’ll feel like Kelly Slater but just keep at it and don’t let those bad days get you down.

Find a surf gang. It’s great surfing solo but it’s even better when you hit the waves with your pals. That was one of the best things about this trip, supporting each other and encouraging one another to get bigger and better waves!

Get up and early and stay up late – for me being a beginner I was always a little scared of getting in the pros’ ways, so I try and get up at 6 a.m. to get out before the crowds, or stay out for a sunset session. There’s nothing more amazing than watching the sun go down whilst sitting on your board.

Keep an eye on your pals. There are all sorts of hazards when you’re surfing so if you go out as a group keep an eye out for each other!

Don’t be scared. Fear is your WORST enemy if you are surfing and one of the hardest things to shake off. When you see a huge wave coming towards you it’s impossible to not feel scared but try and own it. You need to learn to overcome your fear to improve so set yourself small goals to overcome each day, be it that you’re going to jump up quicker, learn to duck dive, little steps will help you conquer your fear.

Sounds simple, but just enjoy it. You’re in the water for fun, so smile and just have FUN! Oh and don’t drop in on anybody. That’s a big no no.


Photography by Carl Wilson

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