#PrisonBae Jeremy Meeks Is Finally Out Of Prison

It’s been two years since Jeremy Meek’s mugshot went viral, introducing us to the world’s hottest criminal, and now he’s finally free from prison and ready to meet his destiny, in the form of a modeling contract.

Jeremy was arrested in 2014, and sentenced to two years for gun possession following a gang sweep in Stockton, California. The police department posted his photo to their Facebook, and Jeremy’s chiseled cheekbones and perfectly full lips quickly amassed upwards of 100,000 likes, prompting the nickname and popular hashtag #prisonbae.

Before doing time, Jeremy signed a modeling contract with White Cross Management. Meeks has been somehow able to maintain his Instagram account while in prison, and if you check it out, you’ll see photos of Jeremy looking insanely perfect, usually posing with his son. And now that he’s out, Meeks has posted to Instagram, sharing his excitement for the future.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, he’s also now reunited with his wife and child. Another one bites the dust, but #prisonbae will live on forever in my wildest dreams. 

Bout to start this countdown!

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