Hayley Hasselhoff has summertime goddess in her DNA

Hayley Hasselhoff is a curve model and LA babe whose last name proves she knows a thing or two about beach style — her dad’s “Baywatch” star David Hasselhoff, after all.

Hayley’s never seen without a dewy glow and a sick outfit. We talked to this badass babe about her summertime plans, beauty inspo, and more.

What’s your fave summer cocktail? Let’s pretend we’re drinking one while we grill you for beauty and style deets.

A crisp glass of Rosè 

Do you wear SPF or let yourself burn to a crisp? Why?

It depends on where I am in the world. If I’m on a holiday in the sun, let’s say somewhere like Mykonos. The second I land I’m slipping into my swim costume and waiting for my freckles to pop. If I’m in Los Angeles it’s not really a treat for me to tan so I’ll stick to my normal beauty routine which includes SPF in my mineral powder. 

What’s your best tanning trick?

Well darling, coming from a family who are known for their tan. I’ve tried all the tricks.. but the one I like the best for its natural effects is Coconut Oil. It gives me a beautifully bronzed tan while leaving my skin moisturized. If you want your blonde hair to naturally brighten up throw some lemon juice with a teaspoon of oil in your hair while you tan. 

How do you keep your blonde hair from getting brassy in the sun?

While tanning at home with the girls.. I’ll suggest whipping in coconut oil in our hair. I love using the oil to slick back my hair and tie it up in a high bun. Gives your hair the nutritions it needs while achieving the perfect wet look. 

Please help: what’s the secret to that “effortless” California beach girl hair, that us East-Coasters can never seem to nail?

I love a good beach styling spray. My favorite is Surf Infusion by Bumble and Bumble available at Nordstrom, Amazon and Sephora. With just a few spritz on towel dried hair it gives you the perfect volume and texture for the ideal beach wave. 

Are you a beach girl or the pool type? Or an indoor cat?! Why?

I love a good woodsy hideaway in Topanga canyon or a dinner with the ladies by the sea. But with traveling so much for work, when I’m home I try to spend as much time with my friends and family. So a summer night in can be just as lovely. 

What’s your confidence mantra for when you’re having an off day but have to rock a revealing outfit?

“When you exude love into yourself, you exude love into others”

You have to remember that everyone has bad days. Don’t put yourself down for it. You need to have the bad days to get to the good ones. To be honest, If i was having an off day in the makeup chair before an event I would hold my amethyst crystal I carry with me and meditate. Taking a few moments for myself to re-center my being by exuding love into myself. 

A helpful tip could be to do something you love for yourself beforehand. 

Swimwear trends are insane right now. What’s one you’re dying to try?

I always love a good black one-piece. I’m dying to play around with different materials like crochet, leather and even lace. The more sultry goth the better. 

What’s one swimsuit look you could definitely live without?

I’m not really into hip cut outs for curve. I haven’t seem to find one that fits properly and it’s just not cute to have things coming out of different angels.

Are you keeping your bikini line smooth this summer or letting it all hang out au naturel, like half of my Instagram feed seems to be?

Silky smooth ; ) 

If smooth: what’s your number one tip for KEEPING it smooth?

Always get a good wax. 

What’s your favorite steamy summer movie to take beauty and fashion inspiration from and why?

I’m definitely getting some serious inspiration from Katharine Hepburn in ‘Summertime’. 

Describe your ideal summer 2017 freakum dress.

August Getty’s Black Gigi Dress — wearing a black booby bodysuit underneath, some oversized gold earrings and a black stiletto. 

Are you a “no makeup at the beach” girl or do you keep your glam intact? 

Depends on the day and who I’m with. Unless I’m on vacation or scuba diving, I’m not really the girl to have a full-blown beach day. It’s more of glam by the beach day.

If I’m going glam, I love using a light cream eyeshadow to start then popping a bronze powder based shadow on top. Keeping the skin flawless with Alabaster Foundation from Senna Cosmetics topped with their Porcelain Mineral Mix Powder. Of course to capitalize on the summer shine I add on my favorite Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter.  I tend to keep the lip quite neutral but a gloss is a must. If I have a no makeup day I’m always keeping my stone crop hydrating mist from Eminence nearby and a lightly colored lip balm like Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm “Hibiscus.”

How do you keep your summer makeup look locked and loaded despite the sweat and sun?

No matter if I’m at a steamy festival or by the beach I’m always aware of my makeup and keeping it pristine. I carry my Beauty Blender with me everywhere. If my makeup starts to cake up, I use the Beauty Blender in circular motions to break up the foundation. Then I put the mineral mix powder from Senna Cosmetics on top to re-blend. A couple beauty products to always have in your bag are a makeup sponge, powder, eyebrow brush and a lipstick. If you have extra room, pop your mascara in there as you never know when you’ll want to freshen up. 

And how do you keep your hair so smooth when it’s humid?

I always indulge in Argan Oil. 

What’s your biggest summer beauty fail in history?

… staying in the sun a bit too long ? A burn in the beginning of a trip is never fun. 

If you could wear one iconic swimsuit from pop culture (besides the Pamela red of course) which would it be and why?

Marilyn Monroe always had the most iconic swimsuits. She knew how to accent her curves in all the right areas while leading the example of glamour in the sun. 

What’s your Insta girl?

It’s @hhasselhoff! Follow me lovelies xx


Photos by: Zoë Jackson

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