Frankee Rose Plots Vengeance at a Five Guys

We love a curly-haired bombshell and we especially love fast food. In this shoot by Hana Zebzabi, Frankee Rose gives major Tarantino revenge-seeking femme fatale vibes. Below, Hana explains the inspiration for the shoot in her own words.

Every single photograph I take, I like to make it look like a scene from a movie. No matter who I shoot, I make sure my surroundings and the colors in my surroundings are absolutely perfect, otherwise I’ll never be satisfied with my work.

My work screams red. I find this color the most appealing to the eye, hence why most of my work has to have a shade of red in. All the other colors for me are a bonus, and make the look even more pleasing.

Five Guys is my favorite location right now because it reminds me of an old Tarantino film — the extra grain that I add onto my work gives it a cinematic look, and essentially, this is the main goal for all of my photos.

Being a director, I want people to look at my images and feel like there’s a story behind it or a reason behind the photo. My photos are more than just a model posing in front of a camera. They’re stories. I like to think I make my muses feel like they’re in a Tarantino movie when I surround them in red. As you can tell, he is my biggest inspiration when it comes to my photography.

As you can see in these photos theres a different side to Frankee in each environment — which is why I think where you chose to take your pictures is SO important. Even a small prop, like a wine glass, can completely change the vibe of the shoot. I hope people look at these photos and see more than a couple of portraits. I hope they see personality and different side’s of Frankee through different moments and different environments.

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Photography: Hana Zebzabi

Model: Frankee Rose

Some clothing provided by Boo Hoo

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