These Hair Tools Cause The Most Damage

It’s undeniable that most of us all want thick, long, and healthy hair. Little do we know, however, that even the simplest of hairstyles are furthering us from achieving healthy hair. Yup, in trying to get the perfect hairstyle, you’re probs causing breakage from the tools you’re using. Here’s the tea on tools you should avoid:

Crimpers: Not only is the style heinous, but it’s horrible for your hair! Clamping your hair between hot plates screams, “HAIR SUICIDE!” Luckily, the 80s are over and so is this hairstyle.

Ponytails: There’s nothing more convenient than a slick pony, but who knew it could cause so much damage? Consistently wearing a ponytail adds pressure to your locks, resulting in weakening of the hair and stunting of it’s growth. Change it up with alternative pony positions. Or opt for a scrunchie!

Hair Brushes: Using hair brushes while your hair is wet it causes split ends. Yikes! Avoid this by finger detangling. If you’re in a rush, invest in a brush without ballistics — another successful method for anti-breakage.

Wet To Dry Hair Irons: Using direct heat on wet hair is a total no, no. Your hair is extremely fragile when wet.  So, this is a disaster waiting to turn into frizz.

All Heat Tools: Overall, heat tools should try to be avoided at all costs. It’s on the top of the list for hair damage. The more heat, the more harm. It’s best to look into alternative solutions. Air drying is definitely one of them. If you have to use a heating tool, it’s essential to have a heat protectant and never have the temperature turned up to its highest setting.

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