Get A J.Lo Level Glow With This Palette

Jennifer Lopez is always glowing, seriously.

If there is one celeb who has the whole natural-looking strobe and contour look down pat, it is definitely J.Lo. No, she doesn’t look like a Bratz Doll. Yes, she is breathtaking.

If you’re looking for a multi-dimensional highlight that will give you a J.Lo vibe, look no further. Meet the Honest Beauty Spotlight + Strobe Kit (you’re welcome).

This product comes complete with two different cream highlighters that melt into your skin, and are sure to make you look like an angel from heaven. There’s also a powder highlight, which helps with a more natural and blended look.

Contouring might be out and strobing might be in, but take a lesson in timeless beauty from Jennifer Lopez. Her subtle glow doesn’t have to be envied, because it can totes be yours. The Honest Beauty Spotlight + Strobe Kit is available on for $34.

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