Galore Darling: Maya KIbbel, Tokyo’s Freshest Blogger

Maya Kibbel is a 19 year old photographer and blogge who was born and raised in New York/LA and moved to Tokyo 2 years ago. She has blogged for Elle Girl Japan, Nylon Japan and now for Numero Tokyo. We love Maya, her fresh tastes help to keep us fresh too! Check out her interview and pix below!

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What types of things do you like to blog about?
Fashion! I’ve been very busy lately so I haven’t been able to post outfit pictures but normally I post about my outfit for the day plus new collections or trends I dig.

How did you start getting into photography?
I grew up on a tour bus with the Jonas Brothers (who are basically my brothers) and I was always hanging out with amazing people and attending incredible events. After a few years past, I realized I had no photos to capture previous precious memories. I decided to start taking pictures as a private diary, then realized I wanted to take photos for a living.

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Who are some of the people you’ve shot for?
The Cobra Snake, Topshop Japan, Nylon Japan, Elle Girl Japan, Fig & Viper & plenty more brand/people shoots about to come out!

How did you start shooting for Cobra Snake?
I was a personal assistant & translator for my best friend/super model Jillian Kate in Tokyo. She knows Mark (the founder of Cobra Snake) so when he was looking for an international photographer she suggested me and he was totally down for it.

What’s your fave spots shop in Japan?
SO MANY! BUT… my top five is:
1. Berberjin
2. Vintage Qoo,
3. Candy/Sister,
4. Bubbles,
5. 109 (a mall but check out: Fig & Viper, Evris, Gyda & Emoda)

Fave spots to shop in NYC?
What Comes Around Goes Around, Big Drop, Opening Ceremony and of course Bergdorf Goodman. (duh)

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What’s coming up for you next?
A lot more magazine editorials and brand campaigns! For awhile I was so swamped with blog work I couldn’t do my favorite thing, fashion photography… But that’s about to change!

Top things to do in Tokyo?
Shop at 109 and Harajuku, eat real sushi, get drunk at Beat Cafe and end up sleeping in a crazy themed sex hotel in Shibuya!

Why should people come to Japan this summer?
Because what could be better than walking along the stylish crowded streets of Shibuya while drinking a cold chu-hi (shochu and juice. they’re perfectly strong!). The fashion and technology is so advanced, how could you say no to being ahead of the world!?!

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5 best places to see in Japan this summer?
1. Drinking in Miyashita Park (Kouen) watching or joining all the skaters and youngsters.
2. Shop around Shibuya and Harajuku. You will find more clothes than you ever thought you needed.
3.Shimokitazawa for some good vintage threads and hookah.
4. A themed sex hotel. Get completely wasted, pick a great theme, keep drinking, bring bath salts and take a fantastic colorful bath whilst clinking a few chu-hi cans or beers!
5. Meiji Jingu; to purify all the sins you may have made here in the true sin city a.k.a. Tokyo. (wink wink)

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