Generation Bombshell Is A Celebration Of Kylie Jenner, Zendaya, And You

Dear Readers,

In celebration of young women who explore their own sexuality as a huge way they relate to their world, we present our Generation Bombshell issue. And we’re celebrating that, because it’s rare that anybody else does. Growing up is hard, growing up as a girl is hard, and growing up in the public eye is so difficult most of us can not fathom it. Instead, there’s a larger focus on using energy to make girls who are just trying to figure all this shit out, feel really bad. At 18, Kylie Jenner owns multiple companies, manages the largest public Snapchat following to date, responds to an obscene public obsession with her body, family and relationships, and still manages to get out of bed in the morning. Applause for you, Kylie—it takes a strong woman to grow up into the girl that you are. Our other cover girl, Zendaya, has also established herself as a (very stylish) businesswoman, and as a young woman invested not only in standing up for herself, but in being held fully accountable for her own statements and actions. The idea isn’t that you’ll always make the right choice, or even wear the right thing. Take it from our girls in this issue: you’ll mess up, but it’ll be okay. If it doesn’t feel possible, that’s also okay—just focus on getting out of bed in the morning.


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