How To Fix Your Cat Eye When You F*ck It Up

Finishing off a perfect cat eye is one of the hardest makeup tricks to master. And how frustrating is it to complete a flawless eyeshadow look only to f*ck it up with smeared black liquid liner?

There is literally nothing worse than accidentally bumping your arm while trying to draw a neat wing. Literally nothing. But luckily, there’s a beyond easy way to quickly fix your smeared mistakes without having to take off all your makeup and redo your entire eye look.

The solution is the E.l.f. makeup removing pen, and glory be to god because it only costs $3. That’s right, you can now fix tiny problem areas without worrying about smudging the rest. All you have to do is glide the pen along your mistakes and POOF — they’re gone!

This pen is even more major because it even removes waterproof makeup (swoon). So quit struggling with boring Q-tips and try this game-changing product.

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