Finally a Lip Kit You Don’t Need an Art Degree to Use

The whole lip kit business has gotten out of control.

Sure, Kylie Jenner didn’t invent the lip kit. But she did manage to charge $30 for it. Following Kylie’s success every company and their mother has released wildly impractical lip kit, even Pat McGrath hopped on that wagon.

Whether you use Pat McGrath’s seven product lip kit or Kylie Jenner’s two product lip kit, the last words I would ever use to describe the process is easy, fast or foolproof. While there are mornings when I can spend 20 minutes trying to draw my lips on there are also mornings when I need to be able to do that shit on the go.

When I started testing out Benefit’s They’re Real Lip Kit the first thing that struck was how easy they were to use — essentially like a regular lipstick. The Benefit lip kit comes with four tear drop shaped tubes which have both a lip liner and lipstick built into each individual tube. You apply the lipstick with the thin part of the tear drop facing outwards so that it lines your lips. Essentially this lipstick will line your lips and do your lipstick all in one go.

The formula is a little more sheer and satin than the totally matte and opaque formulas that have become the norm but it’s a nice change. The shades are also decidedly not neutral, dusty, nude or any other adjective that you could also use to describe your grandmothers doily collection. Each lip kit comes with four shade combinations ranging from bright orange to light pink.

Benefit advertises this as one swipe line liner and lipstick and although it is a 2-1 in product, I personally found that I liked the color best after at least two swipes. It does a good job of subtly shading and lining your lips so that you look more like Angelina Jolie than a Bratz doll. My only real qualm is that your lips do have to be extremely hydrated and in good condition. If your lips are even the least bit chapped it’s super obvious but it’s nothing a quick lip scrub can’t fix.

Benefit’s They’re Real Big Sexy Lip Kit will be available in stores and online on September 30th and will retail for $29.

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