Every Beauty Product Zella Day Is Packing For Festival Season

Zella Day doesn’t quite fit the usual pop star mold, however, as her music is mostly influenced by country and classic rock artists. But that’s not stopping the all-American girl from making music that people really like. In the Q+A below, Zella Day talks music collaborations, and even reveals the secret to perfect bohemian hair.

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What skin products do you swear by while on tour?

I absolutely swear by the mild Aesop Fabulous Face Cleanser and moisturizer. I have felt a legitimate difference in the balance of oils on my face, which really makes a difference when I’m traveling. My schedule can be pretty irregular, so I need my cleanser to do its job. I have also been taking Collagen supplements everyday, and they have brought my natural glow to a whole new level. I’ve been doing my research on vitamins, and collagen has been my favorite hair, skin, and nail supplement thus far. 

What are your spring makeup must-haves?

My beauty regimen is cohesive for every season, but I would say that I start applying sunscreen more regularly when the spring months come around. If I don’t, my freckles will completely take over my face. 

How do you create perfect bohemian bed head hair?

I’m lucky to have a natural wave in my hair, so I can kind of let it do its thing for the most part. But I do have a couple of secrets. I always make sure to let my hair air-dry, for one, because if I blow dry it, the frizz is out of control. When my hair is dry, I spray a Kevin Murphy damage manager spray throughout my whole head before I flatten the ends with a straightener. Once my curls are in order from lightly using the iron, I spray Oribe Aprés Beach Wave and Shine Spray to separate my waves and Simply Smooth Xtend Keratin Reparative Magic Potion to make it shine.

What’s your biggest beauty indulgence?

My biggest beauty indulgence is getting my monthly bikini wax… Haha. Not kidding. 

What is your go-to nail color?

Nail color? I don’t think I even own nail polish. The last time I saw a bottle of nail polish was in my stocking last Christmas, and I think it was a clear topcoat. Thanks, mom. 

How do you keep your skin and hair perfect during festival season?

If you’ve seen photos of me during festivals, then you probably know that “perfect” isn’t necessarily in my wheelhouse. If anything, I use less products on my skin and hair so that it doesn’t melt off everywhere. My biggest tip for festival season is: Go natural!

What makeup product do you think is the most underrated and why?

Eye drops. It’s key to have bright eyes for those first impressions.​​

What are you planning for your Coachella debut in April? Have you thought of what looks to wear both weekends?

Of course I’ve been putting thought into it! I’m currently pulling a lot of inspiration so that I can have a clear direction of where I want to take my looks for both weekends. I picked up a 70s disco top from one of my favorite vintage stores off La Brea a few days ago that may very well be making an appearance at Coachella. 

What product in your own makeup bag do you never leave home without?

My OLO roll-on perfume and cardamom lip balm.

Do you play your own music when getting dressed?

I am not my own pump up music 😉

Who is your style icon?

I’m currently looking into everything Anita Pallenberg.

Who would you love to collab with on a duet?

I would like to do a collaboration with Beck playing only mandolins.

What are your thoughts on a Guns N’ Roses reunion at Coachella?

I’m praying that Axl Rose wears tight leather pants.

What should every girl bring to Coachella this year?

Hula hoops, cheap sunglasses, and condoms. Have fun by being safe.

Biggest guilty pleasure?

Salted caramel ice cream with hot fudge syrup.

What is next for you in 2016

I have some very exciting tour dates, videos, and singles lined up for this year—working harder than ever.

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