Erika Jayne’s glam team dishes on how to look like an XXpen$ive pretty mess

Looking like a hot mess is not an aspiration, but a lifestyle, that has been perfected by no other than “Real Housewife” turned singer, Erika Jayne. 

Erika is basically never without her signature platinum blonde hair, glossy lips, and bronzer. Paired with her dramatic designer apparel and a larger than life personality, Erika is hard to miss, hard to hate, and hard to copy!

Compared to some Real Housewives who fail to take off their music careers with poorly written party songs, Erika Jayne’s “XXPEN$IVE” is a catchy, addictive bop that we can’t let go of. Currently on her first headlining tour, Erika’s glam team, Sean Harris and Castillo, take us behind the scenes on how she stays flawlessly fresh throughout a grueling schedule.


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How did you two meet and how did you work together for The Pretty Mess Tour?

Castillo: I met Erika through her right hand man, Mikey Minden. Mikey hired me to work on Erika a few years ago and we’ve been working together ever since. Sean and I met through The Only Agency.

Sean: Castillo and I are both represented by The Only Agency. We met during a glam session with Erika. We worked really well together on tour and were able to collaborate and create some memorable looks for Erika on tour. I respect his creative mind and we are able to bounce ideas back and forth.

We see that Erika also isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone – for instance, when she did the Christina Aguilera tribute outfit on Lip Sync Battle or a nude eye with a frosty pink lip in the “EXXPEN$IVE” music video.

How do you encourage her to get out of her comfort zone?

Castillo: Comfort zones aren’t a problem when I work with Erika, she really appreciates the art of hair, fashion, and make up. If I have a suggestion she either takes my word for it for asks for more options.

Sean: With the help of her creative director, Mikey Minden, we are able to create inspirational mood boards which help to frame our vision for the look we are trying to create for Erika.

Sean, as one of Erika’s makeup artists, I see that she usually gravitates towards her signature blush, nude lip, and bronzed eyeshadow for everyday wear. But onstage, it’s a lot more bolder and vibrant. What are some ways that you can create a hot, transitional look?

Sean: I like to think of makeup like it’s fashion. You need certain basic pieces to create the look and the rest is just about accessorizing. With Erika’s makeup we always do a flawless foundation, subtle highlight, and contour. I finish off with a silky loose powder. Then we have fun accessorizing the eyes, lips and cheeks with different colors and textures.

To get a day to night look that transitions easily, start by creating the face first and sculpting out the features you want to showcase with neutral tones. Then you can accessorize your daytime makeup with a bold lip, a fierce liner or a fluffy false lash and get an instant evening look.


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Lisa Rinna WON Halloween!!! Lisa Rinna x Erika Jayne 🎃👻💀

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Since stage makeup is a lot heavier than everyday makeup, how can we incorporate it for daily use?

Sean: With stage makeup we sculpt and accentuate several features, for everyday makeup start with accentuating just one feature like lips or eyes.

Castillo, you’ve created so many magical hair moments, including the iconic Baby Spice pigtails. How did the pigtails become Erika’s go-to hairstyle?

Castillo: Thank you for the kind words. Working with Erika is exciting because she allows me to get creative and artistic. Whenever I think of a hairstyle for Erika, I always keep in mind that the look has to be fun, sexy, expensive but also functional and appropriate for the occasion.

One of my favorite looks to do with Erika is her iconic Baby Spice pigtails. It’s a fun and flirty way to keep her hair away from her face, especially when she’s on stage performing.

What I love about the pigtails is that anyone can wear it no matter how old they are. How can we rock it without looking too childish?

Castillo: Pigtails are fun for every age, but confidence is key when rocking this look. I believe it comes down to the styling of tails and the placement. For example: “Are you a high, tight, and fluffy girl? Or a low, sleek, and chic vibe? Either way you go it’s a win, so make sure you have fun with it. After all we’re just grown up children anyways.

Also, we’ve noticed that her hair is very voluminous and textured. What’s the secret to achieving it?

Castillo: The key to keeping your hair voluminous and textured is to keep products to a minimum when you prep  your hairstyle. Over-saturating the hair with styling products right out the gates will weigh the hair down and minimize texture.


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What is your favorite memory of working with Erika?

Castillo: Tbh, every memory is a favorite with Erika.

Sean: Our glam sessions are some of my favorite moments. We laugh, listen to music, tell stories and get into the zone. One of my fondest memories is when we recently did “The View,” to surprise Meghan McCain for her birthday.

Lastly, if you have to let Erika dress you up/style your hair and put on makeup on you for a day, what will the end result be?

Castillo: A Hot Mess.

Sean: Exxpen$ive!

The Pretty Mess Tour tickets are available here.

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