Emeraude Toubia talks “With Love” Season 2, her new film + more!

We talk with Actress/Producer, Emeraude Toubia, discussing everything from her wellness routine, her upbringing, and more! Get to know one of the stars behind Amazon Prime’s hit series “With Love“. From 2016-2019, she portrayed Isabelle Lightwood on the Freeform fantasy series “Shadowhunters“.Toubia has been starring as Lily Diaz on the Amazon Prime romantic comedy series “With Love” since 2021. We’re so excited for Season 2! Get to know our latest Cover-star.

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Featured Interview:

Tell us about the version of Lily Diaz from Season 2 and how she has changed from the first season.

In season 1 she was living in a fairy tale, and in season 2 the fairy tale crumbles. She faces her biggest challenges yet and her greatest growth opportunity.

What does love mean to you?

Well, that’s a big question, there’s romantic love that every girl dreams of growing up, there’s practical love of partners working together to create a life, and there’s spiritual love where two souls find an affinity for each other like a connection of inevitability. But ultimately love is found within yourself. 

Growing up Mexican/Lebanese, what was one thing your Grandma and Mother instilled in you? 

Hard work, fighting for what you want, and being grateful for all that you have been given.

What was the first role you ever had as an actress? 

A Nickelodeon comedy in Spanish. It was a great learning experience, just diving into the industry. So grateful to be able to do what I do.

How does Lily in “With Love” relate to you as a person? 

Lily is me, my girlfriends, and most women. Navigating love, and dealing with social and family expectations. It’s a lot to juggle. Her combination of toughness in the face of challenge and her vulnerability, her own doubt, and her worries make her a real person.

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This season of “With Love” is all about self-love for Lily. What are your self-care rituals and how do you stay sane in show business? 

There are the traditional things such as exercise and healthful eating habits to keep the physical machine running tiptop, and there’s the soul which I ‘feed’ by being with my family, reconnecting with them and myself, and of course, dance. I’m a dancer at heart, it helps express what I need to say without words at the moment.

Who is your Celebrity crush? 

That’s changing constantly!!! So today’s crush is Paul Newman, a movie star, a lifelong love with his wife, a race car driver, and oh, those piercing blue eyes!!!

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Favorite Mexcian or Lebanese dish to cook for that special someone? 

My traditional Mexican flan. I would describe it as ‘orgasmic’.

What’s the craziest DM you have ever gotten on Instagram? 

A few, are very high profile, but let’s leave that up to your readers’ imaginations.

What was the last show you binged on Amazon? 

Mrs. Maisel, absolutely love Rachel Brosnahan and Alex Borstein

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Which character in “With Love” do you relate to the most in season 2? 

‘Lilly’: she’s my soul mate. She expresses everything I already live: her search for love, and her commitment to family and friends. We are very much alike. 

Your upcoming Horror Film “Rosario” seems like an intense ride, how are you preparing for this role mentally? 

Oh absolutely. It’s such an emotional roller coaster of a script. I do the homework, I read it over and over, I dig into her Thoughts, how she sees herself, and what are her plans and dreams so that I can have a concrete place to come from when facing her very, very surprising challenges. It’s that change, from what she expected to be living to what happens to her that is the emotional reality she lives in the story.

What’s your favorite scary movie of all time? 

I hate scary movies unless there’s a cute boy sitting next to me! Ha! But I do remember that ‘SAW’ was really scared. How much pain will you endure to live, and how much do you value life? Powerful.

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What Skin-care products do you swear by? 

I love La Roche-Posay. Extremely hydrating!

Lip gloss or Lipstick? 


 What is your signature scent? 

You’re never supposed to share your ‘signature’ scent but let’s just say I love dark orchid undertones.

Since you are from Canada Drake or Bieber? 

Beieber: GHOST is on replay

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What is your favorite Love song? 

“I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain. I get goosebumps every time I hear it.

What is next for you? 

My production company, The Emerald Co, has a number of projects in the works that are very exciting for me, as an actress and as a producer. But what’s most exciting is being able to create opportunities for others as they were created for me.


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