Editorial: Love & Adios

A series of Photographs captured between Asturias and Madrid Photographer, Pelayo Alavrez and Michelle A.Herrera capture the influence of Latin America. Horses with braids of roses paired with this seasons biggest trends – Denim, Leather and Cowboycore takes you into a tail of Romance, photographed where Pelayo was born and raised. See our latest Editorial below.

Eggie wears a corset by
RGV- @rgvmadrid
On Michelle: Jacket – Diesel
Eggie wears trousers from – CRACK – @_crackstudio
Eggie wears a corset and pants from: MANÉMANÉ- @manemanestudio

Michelle wears: Peter Sposito Studio – @peterspositostudio

Michelle wears a full look from: MANÉMANÉ- @manemanestudio
Nicolas wears trousers from: MANÉMANÉ- @manemanestudio, Eggie wears a corset from: RGV- @rgvmadrid, Adrian wears trousers from: Versace Vintage
Michelle wears a suit from RGV- @rgvmadrid
Argine wears a top from: MANÉMANÉ- @manemanestudio, Skirt: CRACK @_crackstudio
Argine wears a total look from: FATIMA MIÑANA – @fatima.minana, Sunglasses: Vintage Dior
Total Look: CHERRY MASSIA -@cherrymassia

Team Credits:

Creative Direction -Michelle A.Herrera & Pelayo Alvest – @mimz.canela – @pelayoalvest

Photography– Pelayo Alvest – @pelayoalvest

Fashion – Maria Capaldo & Michelle A. Herrera – @naughtyyanka – @mimz.canela

Make-up artists: – Hugo Trix & Maria Salgueiro – @hugo.trixx – @blv3b3rry

Hair Stylists – Gorka Larcán – @gorka.larcan

Digital Post-production— Xenxo Martín – @xxmartz

Light Assistant – Sergio Cuesta – @sergiocuestaa


Michelle A.Herrera – @mimz.canela

Argiñe – @wikiargi

Edgar Crespo -@eggiecrespo

Nicolás Durán- @nicolasduranv

Adrián Casani – @adrian.casani


CHERRY MASSIA -@cherrymassia

FATIMA MIÑANA – @fatima.minana

MANÉMANÉ- @manemanestudio

Peter Sposito Studio – @peterspositostudio

RGV- @rgvmadrid

CRACK – @_crackstudio

DIESEL -@diesel

Archive garments: Versace, Dior

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