Eat Good NYC: Founders Benny & Carolina On How Love Makes The Best Cupcakes

Benny & Carolina have been a match made in cupcake heaven. They founded each other via Tinder and have turned their love for baking into a successful business Eat Good NYC. They also made us some special custom cupcakes!


How did Eat Good NYC start?
Benny: Saw this cute girl on Tinder whose hobbies were baking and fashion. Automatic winner in my book.
Carolina: I was drunk with my girlfriend and accidentally swiped right. When we finally connected we spoke all night talking about Fashion and baking.

What kind of food do you guys make?
Carolina: We specialize in ‘baked goods’ but our specialty is combining art and baking.

What kinds of cup cakes do you make?
Carolina: All kinds! Alcohol infused cupcakes to custom flavors like greet tea and raspberry cupcakes. We are usually able to customize based on what the customer requests.


Where can we find you guys?
Benny: Catch us in the streets! But seriously though, we do everything from our bakery in williamsburg. Currently we only do special local orders in the Brooklyn and the Tri-state area.

What’s been a highlight of making cupcakes?
Carolina: Honestly Social media has played such a big role for us. That and word of mouth have been our best vessels to get our product out there. Through instagram and twitter alone we’ve had amazing opportunities.
Benny: Yeah, it has blessed us with the chance to create pieces for Leah McSweeney from Married to the Mob to Black Thought from The Roots. Getting love from all these people whom we’ve looked up to and have inspired us has been dope.


Who would you love to serve cupcakes to?
Benny: Honestly, anybody that appreciates art in different ways and forms.
Carolina: People who just wanna live good and eat good! No pun intended.

What’s coming up next?
We want to keep finding different ways to infuse art, baking and fashion. We are in the works of putting together an art and food show.


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