The Dos & Don’ts of Cuffing Season

The weather outside will soon be frightful, but so is the thought of being totally 100% single for the next six months.

By now, summer flings are long gone which means it’s the perfect time to get cuffed up for the winter. Cuffing season is when those who would normally be single get into relationships, a.k.a. get “cuffed,” for the winter months instead of being alone. Look out for these dos and don’ts as you try to navigate the playing field of what is finally upon us, cuffing season.

DON’T: Expect to find the love of your life

Let’s face it, winter is the perfect time to settle down for a while and stay in with someone cute. If you follow the cuffing schedule, it goes a little like this:

Scouting: August

Drafting: September

Try-outs: October

Pre-season: November

Cuffing Season: Dec 1 – Jan 15

Playoffs: Jan 16 – Feb 13

Championship Game: February 14

So, unless you both are still with each other February 14th , a.k.a. Valentine’s Day, then have fun with it while you’re booed up. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or try to make the relationship be anything deeper then you both want it to be.

 DO: Stay inside, cuddle, and watch Netflix

These are the three major keys to cuffing season success. As the temperature gets colder and snow starts falling, it’s hard to meet new people. There aren’t as many parties to go to, especially ones worth getting frostbite over. Therefore, enjoy those snowy days in bed cuddling with your winter boo. Make some hot chocolate, cuddle up close to the warm body next to you, and binge-watch your little hearts out.

DON’T: Just Netflix and chill

Yes, there is a difference between these two dos and don’ts. If you want a FWB then get a FWB, cuffing season is more than that. Cuff someone who will take you ice skating, go on fun winter adventures, and pose for cute pics with you for the gram.

DO: Pick the right one

Cuffing season lasts December through mid January. If you’re going to get cuffed, choose someone who will still be there puckering their lips come midnight on New Years Eve. Don’t keep him around just to have someone if you’re not feeling the relationship anymore.

 DON’T: Answer any 3 a.m. texts from a fuck boy you haven’t talked to for months

We’ve all been there. Now that guys are looking to get into a relationship for the winter they’ll be looking to send out their “Hey, stranger” texts. Avoid these at all costs and know he is not worth your time. If he doesn’t want you in the summer he doesn’t deserve you in the winter when he’s feeling lonely!

DON’T: Go all out for a Christmas gift

If you’re thinking about getting cuffed to someone for the holidays, that awkward question will come up of what to get them when you’ve only been talking or dating for a few weeks. You know you are both in it, but it may not be all there yet to get anything lavish or expensive. If you’re going to get your new significant other a present, get them something small with not too much thought behind it. Keep in mind by the time the weather starts to heat back up they may be gone, but your rent bill will still be there in the spring.

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