This Dating App Pays For Your First Round Of Drinks

Do you love free drinks? Because I do.

I downloaded the new cool dating app Mixer in hopes of meeting my one true love. Just kidding… sort of. Immediately, I made a profile that pulled from my Facebook and was able to start swiping through men and women based on what area I was trying to go out in.

You can search bars based on which part of L.A. you want to go to, or based on your current location. From there, as you swipe through bars, it lets you know if there are any meet-up offers. Like, the ability of avoiding long lines. It also tells you if any of your friends are going there that same evening. How polite!

The featured bar that night was the Shore Bar in Santa Monica, so I checked in at around 8 pm and looked to see who else was going. I swiped right on a couple of dudes and asked when they were going. They said around 10:30 pm, so I grabbed a girlfriend and we hit the club.

I texted my match and when we finally met up, we tapped our phones together and claimed our first round on the house! Yes, that’s a thing. Mixer offers a free drink to matches on their first date. How awesome is that?

The interface was super easy to use, and if I’m being honest, having a little alcohol as a social lubricant didn’t hurt. It’s a great dating app because it takes the awkwardness out of trying to choose where to go – you’re meeting people you were bound to end up at the same place with anyway!

My match and I hit it off. We had fun conversations and made a bunch of friends. Could it be love? Only time will tell! Even if we aren’t soulmates, we both got free drinks, and that makes it totally worth it! 

Mixer is available for download for iPhone here.

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