D’Arcy Is Bringing Good Vibes and Slick Moves With Her New Single “baby i love you <3”

Artist, DJ, and electronic goddess D’Arcy is gracing the world with a fresh right out of the oven single. D’Arcy debuted in 2021 with “The Art Of Flying,” receiving much appreciation from critics and audiences alike. Her sold-out performance at the legendary Fonda Theatre was called “spellbinding” by Grimy Goods and her album Ladygunn was hailed as “one of the most impressive albums I’ve heard this year.” Kaltblut called her “scary good.” Other media outlets have praised her too, including Wonderland, Flaunt, Under The Radar, and SPIN (which featured a three-song live performance). Galore is happy to join them in helping her become the electronic beacon she deserves to be. In addition to supporting bands such as She Wants Revenge and Lee DeWyze, she has played more than 80 shows across the country. Along with DJing, D’Arcy also lights up the dance floor at iconic New York City venues, including Good Room, Le Bain, and Public. 

D’Arcy describes her experience while touring the US “In the Summer / Fall of last year, I toured with She Wants Revenge, playing 40 shows across the US. My setup on stage was a synthesizer, electric guitar, drum machine, and vocal effect box. It was a challenge to bring my songs to the live stage on my own, as most of the music I had recorded with other musicians. But when I saw the audience’s reaction to what I was doing live, I realized that this was more satisfying than anything I had done before. I love making electronic music and having the autonomy to play it all on my own.

After that incredible experience, she’s settling down and delivering what could be the biggest revolution in the electronic music space. “baby i love you <3” is the most danceable tune anyone will have the pleasure to hear. It’s a song that takes you on a journey through a combination of energizing beats and chill vibes, which creates a unique sound that is both exciting and calming. This sound is what makes it so danceable, as it allows for a wide range of movements without becoming overwhelming. D’Arcy is a master in mixing and her talents are displayed here. 

LISTEN TO “baby i love you <3” HERE

D’Arcy about “baby  love you <3”: “I asked my girlfriend to say something into my phone. She said, “baby i love you.” Without thinking too much, I imported this sound file into my computer and within a few hours I had the song that you hear now. I had been struggling previously to figure out how to include my love of techno/house and DJing into my music that was otherwise relatively acoustic. But the more time I put into my own production, with just my computer and a keyboard, the more confident I am about this new direction and the more excited I am to make more electronic music. Ultimately, this song isn’t tryna do too much. It’s just fun and feels good. I hope you love it.”

I can easily see this song playing alongside Deadmau5, Tiësto, and Paul Van Dyk. It’s a great track to listen to when you want to dance to something with upbeat and calming energy. “baby i love you <3” is a great example of D’Arcy’s style and her mastery of mixing sounds. The combination of different melodies and rhythms creates a unique sound that sets it apart from other electronic music. Her ability to layer and weave together different sounds creates a truly unique atmosphere. The track also features a great balance of energy and dynamics, making it a great piece to groove to.

This one is a must for electronic music fans, and if you’re not a big fan of electronic music, D’Arcy’s music might change your mind.

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