Daisy Donohoe designs mink slides that are almost too luxurious for this world

Inspired by the chic pink decor of the Beverly Hills Hotel and the saturated colors of the cult classic film Troop Beverly Hills, designer Daisy Donohoe launched a line of all-mink slides that are perfect for ordering room service waffles mid-afternoon. Or anytime really. Waffles are great no matter what time it is.

These mink slides represent Daisy’s debut collection for her luxurious brand, Zizi Donohoe, which is all about embracing old Hollywood glamour, but with a late 80s/early 90s twist. Think less Gretta Garba and more Miss Piggy on the way to a hot date with Kermit. And Daisy herself is the perfect personification of everything that is Zizi Donohoe — she looks just like the friend that Bette Midler’s character in Down and Out in Beverly Hills would be jealous of.

Talk about living your brand, right?

Check out our Q&A with Daisy below.

 How did you get into designing?

It was my only option, I think this pretty much is all I can do.

I can’t sing, I’m too self-conscious to act and I really don’t want to work an office job. My stubborn 14-year-old self refused to have a regular job for the school work experience program. I insisted on going to university to study womenswear with the first year students while my friends worked in cafes and offices.

How would you describe your personal style?

Generally impractical with delusions of grandeur. I wear mostly vintage, I love finding treasures. Currently I’m into late 80s/early 90s glamour.  If I can’t find something I’ll usually have it made.

Who and what are your influences?

My style icon is Miss Piggy. She’s so fab, I’m so in love with her ever present lilac opera gloves. I’m completely obsessed with the 80s take on Old Hollywood glamour. I adore Zsa Zsa Gabor, anything Dynasty related and Linda Evangelista circa her 1991 blonde phase.

What do you think is the biggest summer trend?

Confidence, monochrome looks and Zizi Donohoe mink slides (obviously).

What’s your pet snake’s name?

My snake is called Snake. I think it really suits him.

Your line is called Zizi Donohoe, where did the name Zizi come from?

My boyfriend nicknamed me Zizi. He’s Lebanese, apparently in Lebanon nicknames sometimes double the second syllable of the name. It stuck, so did he.

What artists would you love to collaborate with?

One of the creatives I was dying to work with was the photographer Nadia Lee Cohen. Serendipitously she contacted me over Instagram (months before we had even launched the website), asking how she could get a pair of our mink slides.

We met up in LA and I absolutely adored her — we realized we had graduated on the same day from the same university in London and had never met. She’s so talented, we’ve worked together on all of the campaigns so far.

Any beauty products or tips you’re living for?

I can’t live without my red lipstick. It’s YSL I’ve been wearing the same shade for years. I wasn’t blessed with lips, but that’s a secret, so I draw them on every day.

I love the La Mer Renewal Oil, I use it everywhere: my hair, nails, skin — I’ve also caught my boyfriend using using it.  I’m also really into Valmont products at the moment, I love their regenerating mask and their Prime Contour eye & lip cream… but I put it all over my face in the hopes of ever-lasting youth and beauty.

What are some styling dos and don’ts in your opinion?

Do dress for yourself, wear whatever makes you feel gorgeous.

Don’t blindly follow trends, don’t associate price tags with beauty.

What’s your sign? Do you identify with your sign?

I absolutely just googled ‘Pisces traits’. I’d like to think I’m imaginative and creative, at least I’d hope so considering that’s essentially my job. I wouldn’t say I’m a lazy person, however the number of times I snooze my alarm each morning might disagree slightly.

You have to bear in mind I haven’t been in LA for that long so I’m not feeling ultra spiritual or buying healing crystals… yet.

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Dress vintage 50s prom dress | Shoes Manolo Blahnik | Earrings Chanel | Gloves Trashy Lingerie | Fur Zizi Donohoe



Dress vintage 50s prom dress | Shoes Manolo Blahnik | Earrings Chanel Gloves | Trashy Lingerie | Fur: Zizi Donohoe

Kimono vintage bridal kimono | Earrings Chanel |Belt Chanel| Shoes Zizi Donohoe

Photography: Skye Jones

Styling: Daisy Donohoe



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