It’s Crucial to Be A Boss B*tch Because Men Can’t Handle The Pressure

Well, ladies, it appears that Destiny’s Child was onto something.

A recent study done by Christin Munsch says that in families where the man is the breadwinner, he tends to be more anxious and less healthy.

The report also found that when men make more money than their spouses, “their self-reported psychological well-being and health go down,” according to NY Mag. Aw, poor babies. 

Sounds like bad news, right? Well guess again.

When the study looked at women who were earning higher than their spouses, their health wasn’t effected, but they reported a higher well-being than women who are not the breadwinners.

But to be honest, is it shocking that we can handle it and dudes can’t? Not really.

Gender expectations also have a lot to do with these results. When a man is making more money than the woman, he is just fulfilling society’s expectations of what a heterosexual relationship is supposed to look like.

When a woman makes more than a man, she’s a fucking boss. She’s going above and beyond what’s expected of her and upsetting the status quo.

WOO go money earning babes! As if you didn’t have one already, here’s yet another reason to boss the fuck up. It’s good for your glo.

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