Ciroc Boys (& Gals, & Theys) Got New Team Jackets For Football SZN

Ciroc has a whole new look.

I’m not just talking about the fact that they make spritzers now, I’m also taking about their latest merch collab with NTWRK.

The ultra-premium vodka brand (that you’ve likely enjoyed on a boujie night out or two) is also an official sponsor of the NFL, and they teamed up with artist Ev Bravado to create a fashionable take on varsity jackets for fans to rep during football season.

The one-of-a-kind jackets were created to kick off one of the biggest games of the NFL season (New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys) and only TWO were made. They dropped on the our favorite live shopping platform NTWRK earlier today and two lucky shoppers were able to snag them.

The good news is, NTWRK is featuring sick drops every day. So you totally have a chance to secure another unique one-of-one item sometime soon. And, if you see someone rocking one of these at your next tailgate, you might want to cuff that.

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