Chiara Nasti Says This Is The Only Outfit You Need For Coachella

If you haven’t heard of Chiara Nasti, you’re missing out.

She’s an Italian fashion blogger who not only wants to share her “outfit of the day,” but aims to share each moment and emotion she experiences in her life with her readers. From style inspiration to much needed advice, Chiara’s blog gives lifestyle tips for literally everything a girl should know.

We caught up with the fashionista to find out what outfit she’s planning to rock at Coachella. See her answer, below.

Do you ever leave the house without makeup? Why/why not?

I am Italian, so to me, make up is like espresso. It’s the first thing I do in the morning.

It’s officially festival season! What are 3 beauty products you’ll pack in your Coachella bag?

A moisturizing cream, a lipstick, and a Rimmel Waterproof Eye Definer.

What’s a Coachella outfit you recommend for our #GaloreGirls?

Glossy lipstick, comfortable sneakers, and glitter.

How does style differ in America vs Italy?

I think we’re kind of obsessed by our background and history regarding fashion. America is more free to invent new things.

You were just in New York! Is there something you wore during your trip that could only be worn in NYC?

Probably the pink wig I wore at 9am.

What’s the best city to shop in?

It was Milan, but now I’ve discovered NY!

What are you 3 most recent clothing purchases?

My pink Nike shoes, swimsuits for the summer, and the rouge lipstick by YSL.

What’s a good spring/summer bag?

The one my boyfriend is carrying while I’m taking a selfie.

What’s a good spring/summer boots?

I like the toeless stilettos.

What’s the best thing about Italian men?

That I’m Italian too.

What’s the diff between men in Italy and men in America?

Italian men are deeply involved in the fashion culture, American men are more laid back and I think they dress a bit norm core.

Italy is a very religious country. Do you think religion in Italy affects how women feel about sex?

I think it’s like in school, every girl should pray at night. After the duty, you can play.

What do all of your exes have in common?

They have to see me every single day on the internet, that’s my sweet revenge.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about being a blogger?

That we’re just some dolls without a story or any feelings.

Any projects you’re working on at the moment?

The launch of my new blog this month!

Photos by Bekka Gunther

Modeled by Chiara Nasti

Hair and Makeup by Lauren O’Leary

Studio Courtesy of Coreterno

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