Channel your inner RiRi with these belly chains and waist beads

Body chains: they’re harder than college calc to put on once they get tangled, but they look hot as hell.

Waist beads and body chains have been on the climb in the accessory food chain for quite some time and now is the time to embrace them. Just check out the ones Tinashe rocked in her cover shoot with us and tell me they aren’t the Sugar Honey Iced Tea! And Rihanna has been rocking this type of jewelry since she was grinding the sandy beaches in her “If It’s Loving That You Want” video.

Some people might argue that wearing them can be a form of cultural appropriation. Commonly used for what we would refer to as lingerie in African culture, they were only meant to be seen by a woman’s husband. Yet, many fail to realize that their range of uses were endless. Not only did they signify power and status but they were worn by women AND men. They served their purpose to signify important milestone in life, form a young girl’s body, and even attract the opposite sex. You can read more about that here.

There’s a thin line between stealing and celebrating culture, but with the proper knowledge and intentions, you can rock this jewelry too! Keep scrolling to see where you can find these babies!

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Royal Waist Beads Coral Reef Double Strand Waist Beads


Forever 21 Layered Belly Chain


Vida Kush Mary Jane Belly Chain


ASOS Statement Festival High Waist Belly Chain


Urban Outfitters Nicola Rhinestone Belly Body Chain

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