Look Sexy (Without the Sweat) In Champion Select


The ultimate lady dream is to be able to appear fashion-forward, while enjoying extreme comfort at the same time. Is this a simple feat? Not so much. More often than not, getting dressed in the morning presents itself like a shitty multiple-choice test: a) look hot and put together, b) feel amazingly comfortable, c) RARELY all of the above.

Lucky for us, Champion Athleticwear and Urban Outfitters have teamed up with Capsule Trade Show designers to create the new collaborative line: Champion Select. Moment of silence as you process this life-changing information. It will feature elevated active wear pieces that are crazy comfy without sacrificing an ounce of style, for both men and women (possible Valentine’s Day prezzy, um I think yes). Combining the authentic Champion culture with their own unique vision, Timo Weiland from New York, Copenhagen designer Wood Wood, and London’s Craig Green have all come together to create an aesthetic that will not go ignored. “It has been a pleasure to collaborate with three of the hottest designers from around the world to create these limited edition pieces that embrace Champion DNA, interpreted through the individual designer lens,” said Carla Mota, Design Director of Champion Athleticwear.

Sporty pieces with an edge, its various looks are inspired by the three designers’ own nostalgic experiences with the timeless brand. The collection will be released for sale January 26, 2015 in select North American Urban Outfitters, as well as its online store. Feast your eyes upon Champion Select’s majesty, and try to contain your excitement. Or don’t.






Champion Select lookbook courtesy of Urban Outfitters. Photographed by Devyn Galindo and featuring Luka Sabbat @ Request and Imaan Hamman @ DNA Models. Special thank you to Freddie Jenkins and the ABC Gym in Philadelphia, PA.

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