I Started Wearing Men’s Underwear Because I Have A Big Butt, And I Love It

Having a big butt is hard, but I may have found some sartorial solace in the men’s underwear department.

As a girl with a butt that is disproportionally large compared to the rest of my body, I just can never find underwear that looks good on me. Booty shorts operate more like thongs, while thongs are visually swallowed by my ass. Worst of all, when I wear dresses, they ride up all day long, therefore exposing my big butt to the entire world.

While I generally opt for MeUndies, since their underwear is so comfortable that I could care less what I look like, I needed to find an underwear option that wouldn’t give me a panty line in my tight summer dresses. So last week, I had the brilliant idea of incorporating men’s Calvin Klein boxer briefs into my wardrobe. The boxer briefs would bypass the panty line issue, and I wouldn’t have to feel self conscious about people seeing up my skirt.

I tried them on, and immediately felt successful. The cloth of the boxer briefs helped keep my dress in place all day long, and I felt like I truly did have an exciting secret that nobody knew about. Hiking them up helped me avoid the weird aspect of the crotch hole situation in men’s underwear, but I even kind of like how they looked peaking out from underneath.

But still, I didn’t think much of it, until I wore a pair of regular underwear with the same dress a few weeks later, and realized how much worse the regular underwear looked. I didn’t realize that the boxer briefs also functioned kind of like Spanx when I wore them, smoothing in all the right places, without the stigma that comes when people catch you wearing a pair of Spanx. If I could never wear Spanx again, I’d be thrilled.

Finding underwear that looks good on big butts is only the beginning of the struggle. Jeans never fit, people stare and/or make comments about your body type constantly, and you’re just running around the world toting a body part that you will never really see. Men’s underwear just make the job a little bit easier.

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