Brooklyn Baddies Show Us How They Do NYFW

During New York Fashion Week, most of the official action takes place in Manhattan. But it’s an open secret that most of the girls with the coolest style — the ones who inspire it all — live in the outer boroughs.

So this NYFW, instead of schlepping to Meatpacking to catch the usual street style stars preening for the cameras, we stuck closer to Galore’s Brooklyn headquarters and shot eight women whose style we actually care about. Cuz all the cool kids are pretty much over NYFW anyway.

1. Christina Paik, Photographer 

“I’ve been doing PFW for a couple years and since there’s so many seasons in a year, it always seems like fashion week never ends. My normal everyday life still the same. And if i could live everyday like fashion week, I wouldn’t. I’d rather be on a tropical beach with Netflix and my dog.”

2. Aleali May, stylist

“If every day was like fashion week, I still wouldn’t get burned out. This is really everything I imagined and more as a young girl and I can always appreciate it.”

3. Madisen Sowers, DJ

“Fashion week is not that much different from my normal life because we’re always on tour but fashion week is a little more fun because we’re with all our fashion friends”

4. Gyasi Kirtley, model/photo journalist 

“Fashion week is way more fun. Last year I went to a couple of shows, and ended up in the Yeezy Season presentation as a model. It was a really cool experience for me. This year I went to a ton of parties to support fellow artists and to celebrate an amazing new year. As a journalist, I end up at different events and see so many differs styles. I enjoy the variety. It feels like fashion is very ‘wear what’s popular’ right now – which is cool sometimes, but I find that everyone ends up looking the same. Same hair, same makeup, same silk dress. There are some exceptions though. A lot more people are accepting who they are and creating their own personal styles. It’s really cool.”

5. Ashlee Maynard, model

“On a day to day basis, everyday is a fashionable one for me. My everyday style is a more casual street style that gives high-end looks a more lax & effortless feel,  yet the other look is more fashion forward, magazine cover shoot, stage performance, etc. where I spice it up even more with my makeup, hair and accessories.”

6. Logan Blouin, model 

“Being at fashion week is such a beautiful experience, from the parties, to the clothes, to the presentation of events. My normal life moves a pretty steady pace and I love how fast fashion week is … just absorbing so much. Yes I would for sure live fashion week everyday, I honestly intend to.”

7. Dylan Ali, DJ 

“I love everyone coming together to celebrate fashion.  I always meet people from all over; it’s great to encounter different insights and build connections with fashion enthusiasts, artists, musicians, and everyone in between. It’s also exciting to see new collections. It’s an unveiling of the future of fashion. I probably wouldn’t want every day to be fashion week. It gets a bit overwhelming after a while. I appreciate it when it comes around.”

8. Marisa Truitt, model 

“I wouldn’t be tired of it [if Fashion Week was year round], but it’d be the norm so it wouldn’t be special. That’s part of the craze, everything that’s hot at that moment comes together for this one week and it’s like culture overload”  

And remember: “Style is like language. You can build it up and create poetry or chaos. There is no wrong way to be you.”

Photography by Esther Faciane

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