Brella Drops: Scaling the Uncharted Terrain of Concentrated Cocktail Mixers

We’ve all used cocktail mixers to make the drinks we love to enjoy after a hard day of
work or during leisure time on the weekend. However, we’ve come to accept that these
mixes aren’t going to be a healthy choice. They take up room in the fridge, are
cumbersome to carry to a BYOB event, and are simply loaded with sugar. But we don’t
have to settle for this anymore. James Semrick (CEO) and George Coyne (COO) have
banded together to provide the solution we’ve been waiting for: Brella Drops, the
concentrated cocktail mixer.

Semrick combined his expertise in scaling alcoholic beverages with Coyne’s operational
prowess to bring Brella to the market. The company has grown rapidly since January of
this year, and with the unique qualities Brella Drops offers, there’s no end to its growth
in sight. This brand was built with a singular vision of dominating a category of its own to
the benefit of impressed customers everywhere.
The two masterminds behind this product realized there were no concentrated cocktail
mixers on the market and set out to create a product that embodied convenience,
health, and flavor. That’s when they found success in Brella, a cocktail mixer that leaves
its competitive counterparts in the dust. Other options contain copious amounts of sugar
and an alarming number of calories and pale in comparison to Brella Drops, and
consumers have taken notice.
These cocktail drops take up less shelf space, but that doesn’t mean that’s been easy to
achieve. James and George have fought tooth and nail to build Brella into a household
name, and they’re on their way to achieving their goal.
The team of two visionaries has sold over 20,000 bottles of Brella Drops in the past 60
days. Needless to say, this is the hottest innovation in mixers. As soon as it hits the
shelves, it’s seen, snatched, and savored. Customers can’t get enough of these
concentrated cocktail drops, leaving their prior mixer of choice to collect dust. Retailers
are noticing this trend, making way for the newest and most innovative mixer they’ve
ever sold. One sale at a time, Brella is earning the return business of satisfied

The founders of Brella Drops have effectively created a product that’s truly the first of its
kind—a rare occurrence in any industry. A proprietary option that both investors and
customers can agree on is almost impossible to curate. But Brella has created just that.
You can find Brella Drops on Instagram to keep up with the latest flavors they’re
offering. Watch how they continuously pave the way to the next flavor experience you
simply have to try in an aesthetically pleasing package.
If you want to savor the flavor of something that won’t compromise your health or weigh
you down but will elevate your drink of choice this evening, Brella Drops is for you. Pick
some up or order online today to get in on the best new development in the cocktail
mixer scene. They’re available directly from their website, on Amazon, and the shelves.
If you’re buying in person, we’ll see you at the store!

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