These bougie advent calendars will drain your bank account

As a child, I indulged in advent calendars from Vons with chocolates that tasted similar to chalk. To me, getting that chocolate every single morning (I was impatient) was the shit, and it didn’t matter if it was gourmet or not.

Over the years, I have acquired a taste for more luxury chocolate advent calendars, and even luxury advent calendars that don’t involve sweets at all. You could say I’m an advent calendar enthusiast, and I really like to keep my eye out for the good ones. Yes guys, they even have lingerie advent calendars.

Who said this adulting thing didn’t come with some perks?

I 100% prefer fancy advent calendars over the cheapo ones, even when I for sure can’t afford almost any of them. But it’s still ok to window shop, right? Either way, I’ve compiled a list of all the dope, unnecessarily expensive advent calendars for your Christmas season wish list. Check them out below.

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The classics

By the classics, I mean chocolate. The OG of advent calendars, but just pricier and way tastier. No one said adults can’t indulge on fancy chocolate daily.

1. Charbonnel et Walker

You can get this royal family favorite (you heard me) from Neiman Marcus. Charbonnel et Walker is one of Britain’s oldest chocolatiers, and they use more cocoa butter than most, therefore it’s fancy af.

2. Angelina

Angelina is a Parisian favorite for sweets and desserts, and now you can have one of their creations daily for the whole month of December without having to fly to France. Or you cant cheat and eat 5 a day. We’re not judging. Purchase this one at Neiman Marcus as well.

The beauty hauls

Who doesn’t want a December full of beauty goodies? I hoard those mini Sephora freebies like it’s my job, now you can buy calendars full of cute, little lipsticks and body butters – even ones dedicated to baths, my favorite pastime. These ones aren’t just for the beauty gurus, they’re for everyone out there looking to try new products in a fun way.

1. Sephora Collection

This advent calendar is filled with all your Sephora Collection faves. My favorite park about this calendar is the collection’s face masks, because those things are bomb. This one even comes complete with nail polish, making for a well-rounded December. Buy it here.

2. Molton Brown

Molton Brown’s beauty calendar is filled with “scented luxuries” – count me in. This one looks like a score on bubble bath, lotion, and perfume that  are perfect for traveling during the holiday season. Buy it at Bergdorf Goodman.

3. Susanne Kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann’s advent calendar is as slick as it is practical. The company is adamant on using organic ingredients for the most soothing time in the bath or shower. Also, that packaging? Too good. Includes everything from shampoo/conditioner to body butters to relaxation tea. Buy it at non other than Anthropologie.


Obviously. If LUSH never came out with an advent calendar, I think I’d be offended. They are the perfect beauty-related company to use once a day. If you are addicted to baths and holiday scents, LUSH’s calendar is the one for you. Their specialty holiday bath bombs are to die for. Buy it on their site here.

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The relaxation tactics

We all stress out sometimes, and these expensive ass advent calendars are here to help save the day. Instead of stressing about work, you’ll be stressing about how much you spent on a holiday themed calendar as a way to chill tf out.

1. Diptyque

This one is self-explanatory if you’re a candle freak. Diptyque is the mother of candles, reining all the way from Paris, France. It’s a celeb favorite, and their scents are light and unique. Having a little Diptyque gift every morning would be HEAVEN for candle lovers, and this calendar is genius. Buy it here at Neiman Marcus. (Why does Neiman have all the dope advent calendars? Winning.)

2. Fortnum & Mason

Tea is the shit and if anyone says otherwise they are lying. I would choose tea over coffee any day. This advent calendar from the classic and beloved tea company Fortnum & Mason (established in 1707, WOW) is the perfect way to start every morning or end every night in the days leading up to Christmas. Purchase it on their website here.

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The naughty 😉

Christmas always brings out the naughty in adult me, and I look forward to justifying the purchase of red, jingling panties that I’ll never wear. These advent calendars are for opening with your boo, or by yourself, because being naughty isn’t restricted from single people (duh)! You’re going to want to buy these.

1. Love Honey

I never knew about Love Honey until my best friend was telling me about how she found her new favorite site to buy sex toys on. This one is perfect for anyone who wants to feel a little sexier this holiday season. It’s especially perfect for anyone who wants to experiment, and at a decent price. Most decent sex toys are priced pretty high, so it seems like a steal to get panties, silicon toys, handcuffs, a blindfold and more for the price of $140. You can try a new sex toy every night – solo or with someone ~special~. Buy it on their website here!

2. Hampers of Distinction

Tbh, nothing sexier to me than a bottle popping. And mini bottles? I’m sold. Mini shit is the shit. 24 days of bubbly is one of the coolest advent calendars I’ve seen for us bougie adults, and I would actually be really interested in trying all of these new brands. You’re going to love having a glass of bubbly every night from it’s own personal bottle. Buy it here on Debenhams.


Holy shit, have I been waiting for an advent calendar like this one. While this is the most expensive on the list (you’ll be out a grand), it’s also the most ideal. Their lingerie is gorgeous, and you or your gifter get to customize the order — you enter in size, taste, and gift packaging. The boxes even come with red rose petals tucked inside. OK!!!! This one is just too good. Buy it here.

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