These Afro-boho hairstyles will make your inner goddess jump for joy

As a WOC there is nothing more annoying than being excluded from Google image results.

Well, I actually could think of A LOT of things but for the sake of this article, it’s numero uno. Whether you’re looking up hairstyles or fashion, more than often we are not found. Even when searching something semi-culturally specific, we sometimes are overpowered by cultural appropriation.

Exhibit A: Search “Bohemian Hairstyles” in Google.

Yeah, I know. Lots of white women with tousled, backcombed waves and an array of fishtail braids *rolls eyes*. This could be frustrating since the bohemian and hippie look has been just as popular with women of color since forever. Like, who else are we to draw inspiration from other than the iconic Lisa Bonet?! I was positive that there was more to it than that, which is why I took the time to highlight some poppin’ Afro-Boho hairstyle for my black and brown goddesses. Check it out below!

Jumbo Faux Locs (@Westbrooks.Crystal)

These unkempt beauties are perfect to keep for an extended period of time as they only look better as the age!

Boho Braids — Micro (@ZoeIsabellaKravittz)

Who knew bohemian styles could look this sleek and edgy? The unraveled ends gives it just the right amount of, “I could care, but I’d rather not.”

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Boho Cornrows (@MahoyoOfficial)

A post shared by Mahoyo (@mahoyoofficial) on

Cornrows (not “boxer braids”) are so in right now. Being braided in every which way, you have options to channel your Boho goddess or 2001 Alicia Keys.

Issa Wrap (@HeadWrapNation)

She’s def channeling her inner Jimi Hendrix. Pair it with a low waist maxi skirt, crop and some bohemian bangles and you’ll scream “carefree.”

Boho Braid Out/Shingles (@TheGlobalGirl)

The separation of the curl gives it a free-form dread feel, but the Z-pattern as a result of a braid out keeps it defined!

Faux Loc Bob (2Naturalbabe10.11_pro)

If you haven’t seen her beautiful dreads, you’ve def been snoozing. Time to wake up to these classy and sophisticated take on faux locs.

Puff Puff, Dread (@Hippkhoi)

When Afro-Punk meets Afro-Boho, you have a recipe for greatness! A unique take on the classic half-up, half-down do.

Care Free Fro (@FroGirlGinny)

A post shared by Nià The Light (@frogirlginny) on

Big, bouncy, and beautiful! I’m convinced these spirals hold magical boho powers!

Wave Gawdess (@SaintRecords)

A post shared by Solange (@saintrecords) on

Finger waved blow-out? Umm, yahh! Great to transition into the evening for a more pieced together look.
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Boho Pony (@FindingTheDivine)

The ultimates boho style for all women! Black, brown, white or purple,  you’ve tried turning that head wrap into a head band to achieve this style. Loose yet pulled together.

Goddess Locs (@OfficialLisaBonnet)

And we couldn’t forget about the queen of bohemian herself! She’s been all about this lifestyle before you hipsters decided to take it on. Different from your typical loc, these dreads have loose end that form into cute spiral waves.

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