How to Get Your Birth Control Through an App Instead of a Doctor

These days, instead of going to a mean scary doctor, you can start to access and obtain birth control without a prescription by using these newly developed apps and websites.

“This kind of access is certainly an improvement for some women who have access to the web and a smartphone,” said Dr. Nancy Stanwood, the chairwoman of the board of Physicians for Reproductive Health told the New York Times in a story highlighting apps that allow women to obtain birth control online without a prescription.

“Look,” she said. “If I can order something on Amazon and they’re going to drone-deliver it half an hour later to my house, of course we’re going to think of better ways for women to get birth control.”

There are a number of developing websites and apps dedicated to helping women get prescriptions for different types of birth control without having to worry about what the laws in the state they live in dictate. A number of these apps even take insurance and ship to your door. Many of them offer information, opportunities for confidential STD-testing, and employ charitable missions — “Prjkt Ruby donates 25 cents from each $20 pack of pills to a nonprofit providing contraception in developing countries,” for example.

Here’s a few to know and check out: the Planned Parenthood app, Lemonaid, Prjkt Ruby, Nurx, and Virtuwell.

Tech Insider also did a round-up of the best apps for monitoring women’s health; there’s “Check Yourself,” an app dedicated to helping women do breast cancer self-checks at home, “Maven,” an app that provides reliable information on reproductive, mental and physical health for women, and “Circle of 6,” an app that helps women easily call members of their 6 most trusted connections, in case of safety needs.

Technology is cool sometimes, huh?

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