This Bikini-Wearing Boss Started Her Own Swimwear Line in High School

Francesa Aiello, creator of Frankies Bikinis, is the ultimate #girlboss of the swimwear industry.

Starting her business in high school she now is dominating the world of swimwear, having her suits worn by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Candice Swanepoel. She has even managed to make Miami Swim Week her bitch by being the youngest designer to debut at Miami Swim Week EVER (how cool is that?).

With Frankies Bikinis totaling over 616,000 followers on Instagram alone and Francesca herself having over 168,000 followers, her name and swimwear brand is recognized by millennial girls all over. She has mastered the art of creating awesome bikinis and utilizing social media to grow her business, all while being her own best model. As a young kickass designer managing an established business she tells us how to balance it all: work, a relationship and loving your bikini bod no matter what.

How did you get started? Especially at such a young age.

I grew up on the beach in Malibu and have always had a passion for swimwear and ocean life. Originally the company started out by me making swimsuits for me and my friends and it organically turned into a business through social media.

Did starting your business is high school interfere with your social life?

Starting Frankie’s in high school wasn’t the easiest thing, most people didn’t take it seriously and did not understand what I was doing. However, it didn’t affect my social life too much because I finished school online so I had time to play and work. It’s all about balance.

Where did you pull most of your inspiration for the new collection?

I really pull inspiration from all over. Ever since I started the company my eyes are always looking for inspiration. This collection is girly and feminine but also functional for actually going in the water. We also incorporated the classic Frankie’s crochet touches to the current trends.

Describe this year’s Miami swim week in 1 word:


When picking your models, what criteria do you usually keep in mind?

I think it’s really important that we have girls and relatable. I make swimwear for the everyday girl because I want them to feel confident in their suits. It’s important to show the costumer how you can fill out a suit and the fabric used to make the suits is very flattering.

In a way you really are your own own best model, why do you think that is?

I think it’s my age because I’m the same age as all of the girls buying our suits, so it’s easy for me to connect with costumers and continually make a collection that they’re gonna love.

What’s your favorite music to listen to at the beach?

I love relaxing music at the beach. Some Jack Johnson is great while sitting in the sand.

What is your go-to product to get the perfect tan?

For my perfect tan I prefer to use a self tanner than lay in the sun all the time. St.Tropez foaming mousse is easy to put on, smells great, and is the perfect color. 

Any advice you can give to others pursuing a creative field?

My advice would be to just make a presence on social media because that’s important for business now a days. Stay strong during the hard because it’s business and every business has its up and downs

You seriously have your shit together, you’re in relationship and have kickass business, any advice for the female entrepreneurs out there looking to balance it all?

Make sure to make time for your personal life and having fun with it. For me there is no point in doing this if it’s not going to be fun for you in the end.

Do you have an ultimate favorite celebrity bikini moment?

My favorite bikini moment is the entire Blue Crush movie. The girls are surfing while rocking skimpy bikinis with cool Hawaiian prints. It kind of embodies Frankie’s Bikinis aesthetic — cute, sexy, functional bikinis for the sporty girl that cares about what she is wearing.

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