Are You Beyond Over Pokémon Go? This Model Is Too

Ever since this damn Pokémon Go game came out three weeks ago, nerds all over the world have been losing their minds and consumed with catching them all.

Well you know what we have caught? Nothing. Because we’re f*cking over it.

And it just so happens that so is this girl! Ellie Martin is the model whose face in these shots just really captures all of our emotions about the resurgence of Pokémon.

This brilliant photoshoot is the brainchild of Joe Villanueva and Katie Stone, and it’s the perfect mix of melancholy and Pokémon that we as the anti-Pokémon population have had to deal with in our lives and social media feeds for weeks.

Take a look at the these shots, chances are you’ll relate to them.

Jacket: Zara | Bubblegum Dress: Zara | Pokémon: Parasect

Pink Cap: BDG | Dress: Treasure & Bond | Pokemon: Eevee

Leather Jacket: Zara | White Top: Vintage | Black Shorts: Zara | Pokémon: Nidorina


Pokémon: Rattata

Pokémon: Venonat

Aerosmith T-Shirt: Model’s Own | Jeans: Model’s Own | Jean Jacket: Model’s Own | Pokémon: Pidgey

Model: Ellie Martin @ NEXT Worldwide

Makeup and Hair: Cynthia Bautista

Photography, Creative Direction and Styling: Villanueva and Stone 

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