BeautyCon’s Founders Take Us Back to School in NYC

If you’re just hearing about it for the first time, you might ask yourself: what is Beautycon?

Well, we went straight to the source and asked the CEO and Creative Director what the festival is all about, since it is tomorrow, and why you should probably go if you’re a fellow makeup connoisseur. Beautycon NYC is October 1 at Pier 36 in NYC.

What is Beautycon and why do people love it?

Everyone is always like, “What is Beautycon Media? Is it a festival, is it commerce — we don’t understand?” Beautycon Media is a community; it’s a place where people come together to chit-chat about the things they love; whether that’s online or IRL at our festivals. Beautycon Media is the place where we encourage everyone to be themselves, it’s an environment that everyone wants to be a part of because FOMO is a real phenomenon. I shape environment through media products, consumer products, and IRL products that make people feel important, empowered, and inspired.

What are you most excited for about Beautycon Festival NYC?

New York is such a cultural mosaic, I love seeing inventive makeup looks and outfits that the audience and the content creators come up with. I’m also really into the venue, it’s much more intimate, which is great for the attendees to up close and personal with their favorite content creators.

Why is beauty powerful?

I’m obsessed with the idea of self-expression through beauty, the person wearing makeup —or not wearing makeup— is in total control of how they look. I love that there’s a spectrum of looks that you can create, whether it’s minimal or transformative — it’s really powerful that you’re in total control.

I think the community around beauty is also really dynamic, the Beautycon Festivals bring thousands of people together worldwide.

How can girls use Beautycon to further their careers?

The Beautycon community is a supportive space for people to be themselves. Whether it’s online or IRL at the Beautycon Festivals, our audience is constantly networking, connecting, supporting and helping each other in all aspects of life. When you’re in a place that, not only allows, but encourages you, to be yourself, you really thrive. That is the type of environment we are working to achieve.

Can boys go to a Beautycon Festival too?

Of course! Anyone can go to a Beautycon Festival! We love the Beauty Boys and we always support the fact that people — no matter the gender — express themselves in whatever creative ways that they want — makeup being one of those.

What’s the most admirable thing about women in your opinion?

Women are resilient; they are frequently thrown in situations where they have to be tough, or soft, or learn quickly, or stand up for themselves in a way that they never have before, it’s a more than admirable trait that I think sets the gender apart in a great way.

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