Watch these classic movies for major beauty inspo

We can’t run away from constant advertisements and social media pressure to not only stay updated on the latest products but being beautiful too.

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Even being super young watching movies reminded us that being bomb was the key to a happy life and always winning the boy.

We wanna take you down memory lane and reminisce on the OG American movies that made us realize beauty is important af.

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1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

With over 50 years in the game, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is still being recreated in bridal showers, brunch events and baby showers. What made Audrey Hepburn’s role so iconic? Her super high bun, oversized glasses and little black dress proved to be stylish way before it’s time. Throughout the movie we see scenes of ย Holly Golightly either getting her beauty rest, applying makeup or gazing over the expensive jewelry at Tiffany’s, it’s super relatable and gives you romance but real life situations.

2. Clueless


23 years ago we were blessed with one of the dopest/bougie-est teen films ever, Clueless. If you’re into fashion, hair and the Cali lifestyle most of us dream of, you have probably memorized the lines to this film by now. Cher was the poster child of a rich daddy’s girl who throughout the film got a quick dose of reality by not only falling for a super hot gay guy but getting mugged, failing drivers training and falling out with one of her close friends, who can’t relate to at least one of those? Some of the best products used throughout the film are pink eyeshadow + line your lips before applying gloss like Cher did in her famous date night scene.

3. Pretty in Pink

Over 20 years ago “Pretty in Pink” was released and showed us first hand what social cliques in the high school during the 80’s was like. Throughout this film you’ll see big hair, high waisted pants and a mixture of soft glam and retro-punk. Why we stan Andie’s role because she wasn’t the most popular or come from a rich background but kept consistent everyday slays. Her strawberry hair color is super trendy in the Spring/Summer time and her lightly filled in brows will never go out of style.

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4. Mean Girls


14 years ago our lives were changed forever with the drop of Mean Girls. Aside from the quotes we’ve lived by we also learned that pink is a staple fashion color, especially on Wednesdays. Lindsay got a super makeover from hanging with the Plastics and added skin care, mascara and blush to her everyday makeup routine. French mani’s were definitely the vibe back in 2004 as well as long straight hair. Mean Girls is still popping till this day, hence the Spectrum Collection that features the Glen Co Co brush set or the Burn Book eyeshadow palette.

5. Burlesque

Eight years ago, Christina and Cher gave us soulful realness with one of the best sing-a-longs that had us wondering why the hell our young asses weren’t hip to burlesque and all the glamour it brings. Aside of the dancing, the image of sex appeal and fantasy, we saw bold lips, thick ass lashes and wigs for days. What’s so dope about the burlesque lifestyle is that you can ball out on a budget. Stack on a pair or two of Kiss Lashes, NYX lippies and a wig from your local beauty supply and at this point you’re one of the dancers.

6. Miss Congeniality (1+2)


18 years ago Sandra Bullock gave us the action packed film that transformed a super athletic and hyper masculine cop to a literal beauty queen. We saw Gracie Hart talk eating lessons, get a wax and have ย personal glam squad in both movies. Although her switch up was quick, she still would whoop some ass in a heartbeat.

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