Bawse Kitty’s Korner: The Naked Hustle

Webcam model and dancer Bawse Kitty is bringing us reports on what it’s like to work as a camgirl online. Read more from her here.

When I was 18 years old, I remember I direct messaged one of my favorite strippers on Twitter to ask how she got started. She always used to post designer stuff and stacks of money, so naturally, it intrigued me. I honestly didn’t think she would even answer, but she did — and she dubbed me.

“When did I become the go-to for strippers?” she asked. “I don’t have any advice for you. Sorry!”

As an 18-year-old eager to take my clothes off for money, I was offended. I thought she was rude and unapproachable, and I thought that maybe that was the attitude of all strippers. But I was also determined to get this on my own.

They say that Atlanta, where I live, is the number-one strip club capital of the world, so of course that adds on to all the glamour of being a stripper. The clubs are jam packed with people as early as 10 p.m. and you can’t help but gaze outside of the passenger side window and wonder each time you pass a sign flashing those fluorescent lights: “How much money could I make tonight if I was working in there?” Well, at least I do. The rush is exciting once you step inside of a strip club, finessing men out of their dollars all night long, getting fake drunk, and hopefully creating bonds with other dancers.

I soon learned the tension can be cut with a knife in the dressing rooms of a strip club. It’s no surprise that every time I log onto one of my social media accounts there’s a fresh 18-year-old baby girl asking for all the tips and advice on how to dance or get started on cam — when all I really want to do is tell them to stay focused in school. Hypocrite much? I know social media makes all of this look easy, but it’s still work. The conversations with family and friends, and the change of lifestyle, isn’t really for everyone. Honestly if you have to ask, YOU’RE JUST NOT READY.

Not every girl can work in a strip club and you’ll find that out your first night. You’ll be bum rushed with all the rules of the club, and sometimes asked to begin working that same night. The really popping girls won’t arrive until maybe 1 a.m. and do one stage set that will embarrass you into a cigarette-smoked-out corner. But I remember the first time I was in a dressing room getting ready to do a stage set, and there was a Puerto Rican girl next to me with beautiful naked fake titties staring at me while looking in the mirror. She just randomly said “You made some money tonight, but you better come every night.

I cursed her out in my mind, because it was 1 a.m. and I was tired and already thinking about NOT showing up the next day. It was like she read my rookie stripper mind. So I showed up the next day. The next day was Friday and I made double or triple the money I had earned the night before, and she just smiled at me. I call those types of strippers angel girls. They are the ones who maybe see themselves in you, I really don’t know. Because in each strip club there’s literally only ONE girl who really wants to make sure you’re good. She’ll invite you to the VIP when she gets one, she gets the bartender to get you drunk without paying, and the DJ will play your favorite songs off the strength of her. But at the end of the day no matter if I have a super awesome night or a shitty night, I hate working, such a drag. And even if I know I’m cutting a check that night, it still takes a lot for me to show up. Just the thought of coming home at 6 a.m. sends me into panic. But that check doe.

That’s why logging on to my cam site is such a blessing. I do it from bed. It’s every lazy girl’s dream and sometimes, I can’t help but wonder why all jobs couldn’t be from bed. The hustle is still the same as a strip club. Every girl who logs on at the same time as you, swears she has the best pussy and tease game. I watch girls before I go on cam, and sometimes I even tip them. It’s frustrating logging on and having 50+ viewers, which will make you one of the first models people see when they log on, and still have ZERO tokens. But at least you’re in bed.

In some weird instances, I may do my makeup on cam and gain broadcast time while doing so, which is never a losing situation — the more broadcast time you have, the higher percentage of your tips you get to keep rather than giving them back to the cam site. I guess that’s where the perks of camming come into play: you are always making money for your time. Your time isn’t seemingly being wasted even if you aren’t being “tipped.”

It’s funny because sometimes my boyfriend will be in the background while I am on cam, and there is either a positive (SEX FILLED AND NASTY) response or a negative (HATE FILLED AND NASTY) response from viewers. That’s not something that would happen if he came to watch me at the strip club. Some people cannot understand nor grasp the concept that he “lets” me cam. Meanwhile they’re jacking off to me dancing in our condo. Go figure! 

The daily life of camming and stripping is really not that different: we both take our clothes off for money and hopefully love our bodies. It’s honestly all about respect at the end of the day and everyone just wants to be respected, no matter what you choose to do.  I really do encourage knowing yourself and understanding your goals and ambitions before doing any type of work. That’s how you use things to your advantage. Save your paychecks or dollars and plan for a new car, house, or invest in a business. It’s important to me when I dance or cam to save so I’m investing in myself. 



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