Bailee Madison Reveals Her Biggest Beauty Indulgence

After being seen in films like Brothers and Just Go With It as well as TV shows like Once Upon a Time and Trophy Wife, calling Bailee Madison a rising star would be an understatement. Between filming for the ABC Family show The Fosters and Hallmark’s Good Witch, Bailee stopped by GALORE to talk her next big project, her deepest darkest secret, and even her biggest beauty indulgence.

Bailee Madison - Galore Mag

Saint Laurent Dress from Albright LA Fashion Library

You get to play one of our favorite Disney princesses, Snow White. What was that experience like?

Playing Young Snow White on Once Upon a Time is always such a magical experience, pun absolutely intended. Ginnifer Goodwin has established a stunning character, and it’s an honor to watch her work and try to draw from that during my scenes. I adore the show! I love the cast and crew, and it’s always a humbling time whenever I get to go back. 

If you could rename the seven dwarfs, what would you call them? 

This is so hard. This is like renaming your kids! Okay, let’s make them “what’s trendy for this generation” names: Subtweet, Netflix, Chill, Damn Daniel (apparently it’s some hip video going viral on Instagram, or that’s what the cool kids told me); and now for three names I would personally love: Kindness, Loyalty, and Honesty…Super cheesy, I know.

Who is your ultimate Prince Charming? 

Ryan Reynolds, but he’s married and has a baby. So, there’s that.

One thing you can’t live without? 

My faith! 

What song is on repeat for you right now? 

“YOUTH” by Troye Sivan. My friend got me hooked on it. Also “Hide Away” and “Sit Still, Look Pretty” by Daya.

Tell us a secret!  

It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you 😉

You are a young mogul in the making—producer, actress, activist. What is next for you to tackle?

I would say innovator/entrepreneur is the next task at hand. With my love of fashion, beauty, inspirational items, and more, I felt it was time to create a brand that my fans can enjoy and relate to. I am so grateful to them for all the love and support, and I’m looking forward to creating awesome things for them!

Your ”I Am More Than A Word” campaign is helping so many young people realize self-worth. Tell us more about this.

I started “I Am More Than A Word” when I realized how hurtful words could be. After my Tumblr post, I created a YouTube video showing the hundreds of videos I was sent of people ripping up any words that put a dent in their heart. Thousands of views and tweets later, and I’m humbled to say the social movement is still growing. This is a way for us to join together and hopefully silence out labels and stereotypes. 

What is next for you this year? 

I’m very excited to be co-authoring a series of books. One of them being a young adult novel, and the other is working alongside the film I produced last year. Season two of Good Witch is premiering April 17, I’ll be returning to Once Upon a Time soon, and Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket should be coming out later this year as well. I also did a great indie film with Bellamy Young and Tom Cavanagh that shows me in a very different light. It’s called Offer and Compromise.

What is your biggest beauty indulgence? 

My biggest beauty indulgence is a whole category, not necessarily one product. It’s skincare, from the light therapy I use on my face for acne, to my cleanser, to my creams. I am really invested in taking care of my skin!

Bailee Madison - Galore Mag

Adrienne Landau Fur from Albright LA Fashion Library

Photography by Max Montgomery

Styled by Irene Albright and Marina Albright

Hair by Dennis Gots

Makeup by Fiona Stiles for Fiona Stiles Beauty

Photo Assistance by Shayan Ashgarnia

Produced by Brittany Klaus

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