8 Cute Backpacks That Will Actually Fit Your Laptop

What’s more practical than a backpack? Literally nothing. It fits all your shit, is easy to carry and adds to the current athleisure trend.

That is, if it’s big enough. Now that tiny backpacks are trendy, it’s tough to tell which ones will fit all your stuff and which ones are for aesthetic appeal only. The key is to find a backpack that is going to be practical yet doesn’t make you look like you’re on your way to math class.

The backpacks below are guaranteed to fit everything from your 16-inch laptop to your gym clothes and that random old Twix bar that’s been sitting at the bottom of your bag for a month. Plus, they won’t make it look like you’re rushing off to math class. Win-win.

The Leather Look

These bags are great if you’re going from a formal work setting to a less casual occasional. They’ll look nice with your dress pants and kickass after work when you change into a pair of jeans.

White Leather ASOS Backpack, $32.35

Rebecca Minkoff Backpack, $295

Neutral But Not Boring

Keeping it simple is never a bad idea, especially when it comes to buying an accessory that you plan to use for several different purposes. Stick with a basic style and if you’re feeling bold then just change up the color you’d normally choose.

Herschel Supply Backpack, $80

Herschel Supply X Stussy Backpack, $70

Patterns For A Non-Basic Babe

These backpacks may be pattered but they’re far from tacky. Camo and floral are two patterns that never go out of style. They’re great because they are just neutral enough to be different yet at the same time are still subtle. 

Herschel Floral Backpack, $36

Camo Zara Backpack

For Shits & Giggles

Dressing for your personality is important. A backpack is simply an accessory, so don’t be afraid to have a little fun with the style you choose. Choosing a bag made of unique material or with a cool message can give add that extra flare to your look that you’ve been looking for.

“BORED” ASOS Backpack, $14.56

Mesh ASOS Backpack, $24.26

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